Waiting outside the Sanctum

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Evo lets the chatter flow around him, and comments as needed.

Jinn: "If I'm looking great, you're a unicorn."

Calan: "Until you advance to Celestial Armsman let's not formally assign you students; but you're doing exactly right by rising to the opportunity to teach. Go ahead and share first rank spells for now. That's still a lot of incants to memorize."

Arlyne: "Thank you for joining Rohnan. It will make the introductions easier, after all."

As Elly departs, Evo nods. He regards Jinn and Arlyne, "What else do we have?"
Rohnan was relieved at the offer of help with the research. “Thanks very much for your offer, Marshal Arlyn. I’m very grateful for any help you can give me in searching the Sanctum library. I heard that it’s massive.”

Addressing the group as a whole, “if nothing else is required of me I’ll leave you to discuss what you need too.” Rohnan moved towards the back of the room.
"I was with a unico...." Jinn stops himself "You know what, Another time. Once all this how do you do is done I would like to speak with you privately Magi. I've been thinking over the past few months where best to out my personal efforts and experience, and I think I know the path I would like to follow."


Arlyne moves quickly out of Elly's way as she makes her exit, being careful not to get her caught on anything.

She nods at Jinn as he lets her speak.
"Thanks, Jinn. A little rude of me to interrupt your private conversation with Evo, I apologize."
She looks at Evo, " I don't think I have anything , but you know where I'll be and vice versa"

She turns to Rohnan and starts moving to the door. "No problem! Itll be nice to get away for awhile. Lets meet at the portal tomorrow morning...wanna grab bite to eat before we go?"

She tilts her head back to Evo, Jinn and Calan, "Be seeing you....."
Rohnan leaves the room with Arlyn, “I’d love to get breakfast with you tomorrow before we head out.” She turns to the others in the room, “Have a good night.” And waves goodbye.

Rohnan left the Sanctum and headed back towards Jinn’s house, excited still at the sight of the banners hanging off of the veranda.
Jinn nods to the Marshal as she leaves.

"Magi Evo, I don't want to push you, but the sooner I speak to you about this, the sooner I can speak to the... higher ups... about this situation."

Jinn steps forward to the table Evo is sitting at, shutting the doors behind him.

*convo taken to pm*
"Let's speak privately, then, Jinn." Evo gestures to the study and closes the door behind them.
Jinn pushes the doors open, a giant smile on his face. He briskly nods at everyone in the common area and heads out the door.


Calan smiles and nods at everyone as they leave one way or another. He then tucks his book into his under shirt, straitens out his raven skull sash. Looking around the now empty room he starts to wistle and back away with over exaggeration. As he exits the area he shouts over his shoulder.

“Good talk everyone; really coming together as a team.”

He then heads back to his house to hide his spell book until Elly seeks him out again. He felt proud, not just that he was allowed to teach some spells. This made him happy it was true but, he felt at home for the first time in as long as he could remember. He felt less burdened. if this continued, he thought, ... nah better not jinx it.
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