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    its about that time of year when some of us have to hurry home from events, or go on an extra early Sunday morning mod to where there is cell signal. I was thinking about it, and how much fun it would be to share my other fantasy hobby with my fantasy friends (real friends, but like sometimes...
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    Resolved Spell Parry Vs Dragon Magic

    This line in the ritual was intended to be used in conjunction with the original Dragon Magic package which clearly defined Dragon Magic and Shadow Magic as magic delivery, and specifically not any other qualifier. As such the intention for 2.0 was to include anything that was delivered via the...
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    Resolved Protective reflex and spirit recall

    Based upon the prior clarification, you may not begin a Spirit Recall while under any effect that would either make you completely immobilized, or unable to make decisions. This includes Protective Reflex which just puts you within the effect of a self cast prison.
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    Resolved Spirit Recall clarification

    Gold star!!! Excellent catch Evan! We will rewrite the current clarification to match the prior ruling. Still a factor.
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    Resolved Dispel and Purify vs Corrupt/Create Undead

    This is all correct. Both necromancy spells create two specific timed effects on the body. 1. Transform a previously un-animated dead body with a spirit to Undead which lasts for 10 minutes (corrupt does it after it processes an instantaneous death effect) 2. Grant the caster a command effect...
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    Resolved Trap Inside A Circle Inside A Room

    If a space is already considered a game room and a new legal barrier appears or moves which alters the game room space, such as creating two smaller game rooms with a wall of force, or a wall moves and changes a single game room into a larger two game room, and an area trap goes off within a...
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    2020 National Event FAQ

    As Regional events are considered National for all purposes of determining rewards, generating treasure, etc. Would a True Empowerment from a previous regional event (marked as national) be allowed to transfer in? (I appreciate y'all making empowerments limited to 5 days)
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    Most Sold Back Skill Infograph March 2020

    I just want to say how much I appreciate, and get a kick out of, these infographics. Thanks for doing this!!
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    Plot's Locks at the National Event

    While it is possible that it never comes up or is important, will the NPC/plot locks be marked with an obvious mark of some sort so that it is clear for players at a glance which ones are considered to be under said effect?
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    Combat Enjoyment since 2.0

    It takes all types :) 2.0 thoughts- I have played pretty much every solo class except artisan with dips into other trees (my fighter has 90ish points into rogue for example) ranging in ability from level 25-45 In the chapters I have played in it is not irregular for me to soak up a major...
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    Poll: Lets talk about DoomBlow

    I'm not unintentionally blaming them for when this skill doesn't land, if they have chosen the cards, and are choosing to increase the difficulty of landing skills intentionally, then I am intentionally blaming them. As said before the skill naturally lends itself to be combined with other...
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    Poll: Lets talk about DoomBlow

    I think that Doom Blow as written with the original 2.0 intent was great. In the original database there were like 8 out of 400 cards that had any kind of defense against curse. That being said, as ARC has always stated, we should trust our plot teams. If the current plot team for your game has...
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    LFS! (Looking for Shield :) )

    Hey folks, I happen to be traveling in via a plane and was wondering if anyone might have and be able to bring a shield rep that I could borrow for the weekend? Thanks again! -Tony Mungo
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    Need a Celestial Ritual Caster for Big West?

    Alavatar!!!! I am going to need your help a great deal! Save me room for 20-30 -Raganzi!
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    Enhanced Wand conversion?

    Hey folks, just a heads up that the current converters seem to be missing enhance wand? Enhance Wand Aspect: Celestial Difficulty: 3 Catalyst Required: No NPC Only Ritual: No Role Play Only: No Scroll Type: Physical Casting Time: 5 Minutes Duration: One Year May...