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    [Temporary Rules Modification] Allow 2.1 Events to continue after playtest period

    Summary: This proposal specifically requires chapters continuing to run 2.1 events after August 1st, 2023 to utilize the specific playtest revisions (if any) made by ARC as they occur, to transition specifically to 2.1 on the agreed upon live date, and then has a number of other policies which...
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    [Temporary Rules/Policy update] 2.1 Playtest rules and policy modifications

    Summary: This vote is intended to create a clear policy for chapters to follow during and while utilizing the 2.1 rules system for playests moving forward. When running a 2.1 Event during a playtest period chapters should follow the below six items specifically. Chapters continue to follow...
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    Treasure Policy and Items Under 2.1 Beta

    There are! Members should all be aware of the changes which were voted in, and expect the public announcement to be posted on or before Tuesday evening.
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    [Bylaws] Modify online voting - add specific proposal period

    Summary: Set a standard discussion period, with a method for shortening that period if it becomes necessary for quick action. This proposal creates a 2 week window for discussion to take place, followed by the already existing 2 week voting window, though it may be shortened by an large show of...
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    2.1 Rules Update Beta release

    Update made for Merchant Skill - 1st level merchant is currently changed to crafting materials instead of coin during 2.1 playtests utilizing the new merchant skill during the beta period specifically as per -...
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    2022 Atlanta Donation Drive

    As a note the Donation Drive will be running through 5/8/2022!!!! If you already have reached out to us about participating in this drive you are all set, otherwise any cash or paypal donations between now and Sunday will be honored under this specific donation drive policy. After 5/8/2022 the...
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    Convention Support! Free Comic Book Day Lawrenceville 5/7/2022

    Free Comic Book day in Lawrenceville is being officially run by the city of Lawrenceville and will be a single day convention held at the city center and downtown square area. This year the event coordinator reached out to us to help them in growing this small regional convention by expanding...
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    Beta Packet 2.1 Date Adjustment

    Summary: Currently the close of the Beta period of 2.1 testing is scheduled for the beginning of August. This will ammend that date to instead be the beginning of December. At the close of the Beta period ARC is directed to submit a final 2.1 package to be voted on by the owners and this date...
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    Remove the ability for Merchant to exchange tags for coin during 2.1 beta playtests

    Summary: This vote will make it so that the Merchant ability will specifically not be able to utilize the function of exchanging standard item tags for coin at 2.1 beta playtest events. This does not change the Merchant ability in 2.1 or in 2.0, but specifically just removes the sell for coin...
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    Old school stick jocky in need of advice

    I look at 2.0/2.1 fighters in one of three ways 1. I do consistent damage consistently 2. I have a lot of tricks and consistent damage inconsistently 3. I am a defensive wall with bursts of offense The first one is just buy profs till you hit 8, get a small smattering of skills for flavor...
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    Minor Shield Construction Change

    Summary: This vote updates the rules for shield construction to fall in line with weapons, 5/8 Padding on the exterior of shields will become 1/2. Additionally, shields made entirely of foam (typically the pink foam insulation board) will not require any edge padding. Vote: Rules update: Adjust...
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    Out of Game Info for the One Day on 04/23/2022

    For the coming single day event on 04/23/22 these are the things we need a player to do and/or be aware of when attending the event! If PC’ing Get your garb, supplies, and weapons together! Your items should give off the implication that you are in a high fantasy setting, but we do make...
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    Approve 2.1 Packet for Beta Period

    Summary: This vote allows for the 2.1 Packet to be utilized by chapters as they see fit for the Beta period of our rules update (April - August at this time). This period is intended to gather feedback on utilizing these rules changes within live play scenarios. To utilize the packet in part or...
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    Replace Sorcerer with Reduced Secondary School Cost from 2.1

    Summary: This vote will remove the Sorcerer class from the 2.1 packet and replace it with a reduction in cost to the secondary school pricing. Vote: ARC Rules update: Remove Sorcerer class from 2.1, and modify the secondary school costs within the packet for scholarly skills [PASS] The...
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    Workshop "base" Production Point confusion

    Just to help clarify - The workshop in 2.0 does not save you 1 gold, it saves you 2 silver as your 20 ranks generate 100 PP which you pay 80cp for, the workshop doubles your potential capacity before batch making your 20 ranks generate 200pp which you pay 160cp for (a total of 4 silver saved per...