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    Alliance Raleigh Schedule 2022

    Will these sites have sleeping accommodations?
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    Goodbyes & Moving Sale

    I have updated to reflect deals made.
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    Goodbyes & Moving Sale

    To all of my Adventuring Family, I was wanting a to do this in persons but day not da case Some of yous might not knows dis but i will be leaving to explore far away lands after this next market, but before we haves more. I have been unable to make it to the last few markets and the next one...
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    Notes from 7/16 gathering

    Zen, How big a deal it be if I hug em? Or not bows? They not do anything to earn my respects yet. I not honor dems just cuz day. Have rocks on da heads. Also i tink I wants to do an oathsworn staring contest? I just saying it could be fun….. Squire Lt. Bruisey Foemangler
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    July 2021 Favorites!

    Man it felt good to get back out there. boy am I out of shape. Wish I would have made the knighting ceremony. Can’t wait to see what they look like in the future. Dyslvia asking me to move my bear head because enfeebeled rusty was in a staring contest with it. Looking forward to...
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    Blacksmithing Services - July

    Cass, I may be interested in the Titans bulwark? I like being able to take damage so others don’t have to let’s talk more about this at the next market. I will be late to market but I will be there. Lt. Squire Bruisey Foemangler.
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    Using Camp Mat for Brig or Wisby Plate

    Correct the 55 gallon drum was hard to work with trying to get the curve out was terrible. It is also very heavy it pulls through the canvas pretty regularly. So yes looking for lighter weight hoping it will hold up better.
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    Using Camp Mat for Brig or Wisby Plate

    Thanks for the advice everyone. Would Eva be firmer enough if it is like gym floor tiles
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    Using Camp Mat for Brig or Wisby Plate

    Well wasn’t sure with the new looks like rules I guess that is where I was coming from.
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    Using Camp Mat for Brig or Wisby Plate

    I know every marshal is different but just want to get the community thoughts before I move forward with a winter build. I currently have 55 gallon drum plastic plates cut up and between two pieces of duck canvas. I am thinking of making the same thing just using camp mat instead of the...
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    Sites and Events Update

    30 for each logistics period
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    I would be in for sure
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    Sites and Events Update

    My assumption with the switch to 2.0 and Magic Items now being total logistics periods used you should be fine.
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    2020 Schedule and Season Two Post

    It is similar to the newer accommodations at Stearns.
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    Resolute and killing blow

    Can you resolute a killing blow if you are still able to use in game abilities? I was thinking restrained but not incapacitated any other way.