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    Sale of some magic items

    Should be fixed. You can also contact me via
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    Sale of some magic items

    The mists have locked me out of Icenia for years, so fates are not allowing my return. Since this is the case, I have items that have been obtained that I no longer use. I will have a courier make an exchange, as I am trying to sell the following. (Please send a private message with offers.)...
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    Look for inexpensive "magey" armor

    I would be surprised if you can find armor that inexpensive. Even making armor, the supplies are going to run around that price. Unless someone is getting new armor and selling their current instead of trashing it, I doubt anything will come even close - a good in-period shirt will sell around...
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    Permanent Arcane Armor for Auction

    May I inquire the size of the shirt that the ritual has been placed upon? Is it for a petite elf, muscular fit fighter around 180 lbs, or sized to fit a dwarf who's last 3 years of adventures look to be little more than multiple trips to the tavern for a logger? Has the shirt been worn already...
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    Word Association Game (Again)

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    In Game Economy

    At least in NJ we rarely have coppers. When people buy things for 5 copper and hand us a silver logistics looses OOG money because the cost of 5 copper is more than the 1 silver gained. We rarely get the copper back. There are other ways of getting the lower denominations of coin back (offer...
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    In Game Economy

    Wow, a lot of good ideas posted. I like the ideas of having an upkeep on Magic items, which would help devaluate them and get coin into the system. If this isn't done alliance wide, I'm certain that some chapters may start putting it on as a flaw to some items. NJ's celestial circle of power...
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    NJ currently has a plotline out where we are putting out special production scrolls which are similar to ritual scrolls with their own unique effects. So far, the few characters with production have loved them. It was another way to reward productionists and to get coin back, as they need a...
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    Break Command 'touch'

    Regarding Break Command: Is the intention of "you must be able to touch the victim" an IG touch, or an OOG touch? Is 'must be able' supposed to be 'close enough to touch'? Example 1) Mr Fighter gets berserked and I prison him so he stops killing his team. If I only need to OOG touch him, then...
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    Seeing interest in a possible new Alliance chapter

    It's a 5 hour drive from DC to NYC without bad traffic (plus the Jersey tolls). NJ players that live in NJ may make it, as well as probably some PA people. I certainly haven't been able to justify making a CT/HQ event from here though - maybe I'm just not hardcore enough anymore. I made one NH...
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    Seeing interest in a possible new Alliance chapter

    I don't think you'll pull from MA or CT areas, as that's a long drive. I live in the DC area (Rockville, MD) and staff at Jersey and when I can play Ohio. There are also a few players in Baltimore area that want a MD game as well. There was almost a Philadelphia chapter, but unfortunately it...
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    Evaluatable Items and tags representing their worth

    If the book does not mention that Merchants can trade in non-magical items for their IG worth then that is probably a slip in the wording of the rulebook.
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    Players having more input upon decisions made by owners

    Mobius, I was at the Symposium, so I will address the reasons of why they're not publicly available. * The rules are being fine combed through ARC to make sure there are not obvious loop-holes that owners/proxies did not see (such as the fortress spell stopping a Magic Storm, which was not...
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    Evaluatable Items and tags representing their worth

    People may not know where it is. Let them know it's automatically generated in the Ritual database (right under non-magic items). there is an easy option to print as well. It even organizes it to print alphabetically by phys-rep number.
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    Non-magic items

    When I put out non-magical items, should the player be able to request an item tag (as if it were a magic item) with the worth printed on it? Should they just be given an Evaluate Item List? The book says items from other chapters 'are complex and may not be able to have a value placed on them...