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    Golden Freedom (Enerret Epilogue)

    In a dream, you are greeted by the image of a tavern hall. Though warm and comfortable, the scene is as grey as ash – over all things a haze dims and muffles. Merrymaking is hushed to a whisper, until only the crackling of the hearth fire remains. Next to this hearth is familiar face. A stark...
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    Return to Tian (Event Teaser)

    The wind rises to whip past the moon white face sitting high above the cliffside. The waves from the northern sea rise and crash far below. Between pillars by the cave entrance carved into the natural cliff are two legs spread far apart. Jing Vaoh was focusing on the separation of the self...
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    Into the Cursed Black Sands (Enerret Game day teaser)

    Alliances have been made, international bonds formed over in the course of destroying the dreaded necromoths. It seems one of those allies has been called upon to see to both a scourge upon his home land brought to an end, whole helping the Mystwalkers and their Allies get one step closer to the...
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    Festival of Fools

    This announcement in bright uneven letters is posted all over town. Greetings one and all, With the recent influx of so many Wayfarers in Brimm’s Watch it has been decided that this is the perfect location for the festival of fools. This festival normally celebrated at locations with larger...
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    A few words on Law and Order in the Maelstrom (safe)

    Hello Friends, It is I, Embrawk Hematite, Champion of Silence, a title I hold proudly. I have come to realize a few things recently. After the banishment of Desky a friend of mine and Resete's recently "controversial" actions. Something bothering me for a while has come to a head. I was told...
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    Enerret 101

    Below is a quick description of the Five Nations that make up all of the known world or what I've come to learn is merely the continent of Enerret. Kingdom of Tharros: An honorable and tolerant kingdom. It is sometimes called the melting pot of Enerret because of its kind nature and habit of...
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    A New Threat

    If it helps I am a recognized member of the former Stonefist Clan of Fathomfall and I will vouch for Hildr. My sistrumm is solid as unrol, ulro E var eron Khro Nar E Amoruk eron gold. (My sister is solid as stone, with a will of iron and a heart of gold.) Not sure the Dwarish of our diffrent...
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    Borrowing Weapons?

    Hey I usually bring extra weapons for people to use on site. After a quick Marshall check next event I should have what you are looking for. Just ask for Bobby or look for the the guy with the cart full of weapons and a crazy feather hat. Look forward to seeing ya on the hill :) Sent from my...
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    No good deed goes unrewarded.

    I am aware you do not need compensation. But perhaps you would mind excepting what I offer as a token of friendship and comraderry. I feel it is only right to acknowledge those who've been there in our moments of need and so this gift will be simple my acknowledgement of your friendship and...
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    90% attitude, 10% skill...

    Thank you :) Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    One team, one fight.

    I am interested in this idea. It is true we all have many factions but no one uniting banner. I would think maybe something like a lantern as we are called lantern barriers. I have also heard rumor of one amongst our ranks that possessed an actual lantern that harnesses hope? But the question...
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    90% attitude, 10% skill...

    This is amazing! May I please share this? Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    Greed is a Rushing River

    Exactly or not at all?!? . . . I am afraid I may have missed you meaning, Desky was it? I think there a factors about Boss Cam, Resete, Myslef and the rest of the resplendent quails merchanting company and how we operate that may make you rethink or possibly even redefine your outlook in thngs...
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    Greed is a Rushing River

    And if you drink nothing but water and sleep from sunset to sunrise and eat nothing but steamed vegetables you'll live forever. I believe however it's the good ale, spicy potatoes, and nights of excitement and adventure that may make our brief lives worth living. Sent from my SM-G930V using...
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    No good deed goes unrewarded.

    Why would I want to restrict his mobility. Not sure of how that would be much of a gift. Besides I got him something special already. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk