Fatespinner's room

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Events at the King's masquerade had left Zanthia pacing her room for the last several days. "It's no use!" she proclaims as she tosses her hands in the air in frustration. "Bad enough we have to deal with forces wanting our destruction from outside our borders. Why can't our own members respect guild laws?!" She continues fuming out her own door to find Master Quynn.
When Isawda and Vaegar arrive at Lady Zanthia's door, Isawda knocks gently and respectfully and awaits a response.
Vaegar makes a metal note of the Fatespinners room with in the Enclave. Better to be prepaird.......
As Zanthia returns to her rooms, she sees two figures standing outside. She recognizes Isawda and smiles, until she notices the dark elf standing with him. Immediately she calls the attendant from his post. "Get some guards up here. Vegar should never have gotten this far." The young man runs off down the stairs and Zanthia approaches her room.

"Isawda," she greets him warmly. "What is he doing here?" She asks, staring daggers at the dark elf.

Within minutes, several guards and the attendant come up the hall behind them.
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"My Lady" Isawda bows deeply. As he comes to know these lands better, it becomes clear that proper respect has not always been shown where it should. Somehow he keeps his eyes from darting sideways at the Dark Elf at that thought.

"Vaegar has asked that I escort him to see you, as he had something that he said required your attention. Given that these have been .... unsettled times for our Guild... I agreed that it would be best if nonmembers such as he did not wander our halls alone.

I have not pressed him for the details lest they be something that is intended for you and you alone.

It is my hope that it may touch upon the missing item that you had asked me to recover for the guild."

With that he arches an eyebrow at Vaegar, silently urging him to speak well and quickly!
Perhaps his stiff neck would even allow the Dark Elf to see the honor in redressing the insult the FateSpinner had previously felt...
"Thank-you, Isadwa. You are correct that those not of our guild should not be unescorted in our halls." She turns to Vegar, her look hard, "You have two minutes. Do not waste them."
Bowing deeply, vaegar notes the the guards and raises. "My lady fatespinner, as command I come and make my apologies for words said when last we were in the breach. And the sheriff is correct in that I come bearing a gift ".

Vaegar pulls a little brown book from his robes and holds it up for the weavers to see. "This is book I believe you are missing? "

On close inspection it is a full earth spell book in Frederick's handwriting.
Zanthia is surprised. "Yes, we have been looking for that. Please, come in." She opens the door to her office and allows entry to Vegar and Isawda, while giving the attendant instructions to have some refreshments brought up, and posting the guards outside.

Once inside, she requests to inspect the book.
Handing the book over vaegar waits for the fatespinner to sit before he does. Taking his seat he beings, "you may be wondering how I came by this book. It is a short tale I assure you. One that even I find interesting."

"I know that this is Frederick's book because I have handled it before. The day that Fredrick died in the reaches I was asked to help secure his belongings by members of the Home Guard, after Fredrick did not return. I will confess that I also found a celestial spell book amongst his things, and was both angered and saddened that he possessed it. I did not how to bring this subject up to the magistrate as I felt Fredrick had regained some honor on his death."

"However his timely arrival back at the breach forced me to reveal the book and leave it in the magistrates hands. After that I paid no mind to what happened as the traitor got what he deserved... well until I was about to leave for shadowrose."

Vaegar pause to ensure that all he says sinks in.
Vaegar continues as the refreshments had not yet arrived.

"I was on my way out of the Breach to head home for a time, when the good sheriff here made inquiries to the magistrate, squire Hamish, and my self. It seemed that after the traitor had been killed his book had not yet been returned to a guildmembers hand. I thought this odd and.looked to the magistrate who mentioned that every thing had been returned to Fredrick except a scroll that had been given to thistle for her sacrifice. The good squire also stated that the home guard had turned over all that was secured and again I paid no mind figuring one of the other weavers had the book."

"However rumor reached my ear in shadow rose that you, my lady, had issued a reward for the recovery of this book, and this got me thinking. The last person I know to have had it was the magistrate and since I knew he was to be at the.masquerade I decided that it would be wise to question him, as a concern. I will be truthful in that when he answered me at the masquerade I did not believe him persay."

"This concern of mine, my lady, was the sole reason I could not see to the command given to me to speak with you for I was quite busy gathering my ...informants and setting them too work." A slight smile creases his face.

"It was after her grace and my kin were kiddnapped, when my blood was boiling and my mind racing, that my informant wished to speak to me alone. They produced that which is before you and gave no notion as to how it was attained. I must say that the nights events weighed to heavily upon me to approach you except for now." Vaegar seems to sigh a little as he recalls the events of the masquerade.
Standing quietly as witness, tension eases from the shoulders and features of Isawda at each revelation.

First the apology, and then the return of the missing spell book. Surely these were long strides toward resolving some of the fractures that had threatened the solidarity of the defenders of the Breach.
"Thank-you for the return of this book. I will of course be performing a ritual to ensure this is indeed Fredrick's spell book and that it has not been tampered with. As far as the celestial book goes, since he is no longer with us, and it too has been recovered, it is no longer of concern."

A knock at the door signals the arrival of a tray of hot tea and biscuits. The conversation pauses while the everyone is served. Zanthia sits quietly in thought until the servant departs.

"I must say I am disappointed in all the members of Parson's Breach for the length it took to recover both books. There are far too many untrustworthy and dishonorable adventurers that have become a part of this group. I am far more disappointed that I seem to be unable to trust the members of my own guild. You can both rest assured I will be paying much closer attention to the training of all our members.

"I feel I should also remind you that magical inks are controlled, at least on our continent. The Arcane Sanctum keeps records of all purchases and use. If either of the spell books were copied, they will know about. The Archmage looks upon this with a far more critical eye than I have until now. Punishment for breaking our guild laws will be severe and swift. My patience has expired and I would be surprised if Az'Caine has any left."

She pauses for a moment, her face clearly showing her anger and frustration.

"As for the reward: once the book has been verified, I will have the Quartermaster issue it. Now was there anything else?"
Vaegar smiles as he is servered. He sits and waits as the fatespinner gathers her thoughts.

"My lady, you are correct that there are people who have a more unsavory background, but as it has always been it comes down to deeds done that prove the worth of a man." A thin veil of suggestion is hinted in his voice. "As I have done what was asked of me, by your leave I shall depart."

Vaegar rises and bows and makes his way to the door stopping at the guards who will most likely be showing him the way out.
Rising with Vaegar, Isawda waits till he and his escort have departed.
Then bows again to the FateSpinner.

"Is there anything further you require on this or any other matter My Lady?
If not I will return my attention to the research.
I hope they may yet yield some advantage over the Duke that plagues the Kings wishes for the Breach."

With that he awaits the wishes of Lady Zanthia.
"Then I thank you for your time Lady Zanthia."
Making his final respects, Isawda turns and head back to his room.

And from there back to the library.
Perhaps another day of research will mine one more nugget of information on the Duke and his history.
Once Isawda leaves, Zanthia goes to the ritual vault, retrieves two scrolls, enlists the assistance of two Keepers, and returns to her rooms. There, they cast a circle that fills the room. Zanthia uses one of the ritual scrolls to transform this circle to become permanent, thereby protecting her. "That should keep out the riffraff." She says with a smile. After allowing the Keepers to leave, she now enacts the second scroll: a whispering wind to the Archmage's circle to notify him of the previous events.
Mar knocks on the door and waits glancing at the guards near him "madame fatespinner" he says bowing once his knocks where answered "thank you for finding some time to see me"
(OOG: the guards left when Vegar did)

"Mar, please enter my circle." She invites him in. "I don't have much time, what is it you need?"
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