Home Guard Barracks - Capital

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A messenger, wearing blue livery, rushes into the barracks. He asks the location of Laurent, of Parson's Breach, from one of the home guard on duty and after being given instructions he makes his way quickly to the war room. Upon entering, he approaches Laurent (His mistresses' description was right on, he marveled silently to himself at how amazing she was to remember such details) and bowing before him holds out the scroll in his hand. "A message, sir, from my mistress. I shall be waiting just outside if you wish to send a reply."

<PM sent>
"Zhank zho, und moment gut Colonel." Laurent steps away to quickly go over the missive.

When finished he paused to think out loud. "Patty-cake ja? Zhis explains much, by zhe Emperor's armpit ja."

He chuckles and then quickly locates the messenger. "Vunce duty is performed, zhen zhat of ze Emperor, I vill be at Court. And zhen zhe answer is "Yes!" " He then attends the Colonel once more.

He raises an eyebrow to the good man. "Zhu have zhe remaining Court's complete zupport zir. I vould alzo vatch vhat zho drink vrom nowz on Colonel. Zhe avalance haz ztarted zo it iz a tads late vor pebbles to ztart counting snoutz ja?" He rolls the parchment away and places it in his pocket. "Zorry, olde Imperial exprezion."

He resumes attention and salutes. "Zir, I haz been zho requezed at zhe palace to givez account to the Court. By yon leavez zir."

He awaits reply.
Alexander studied the map a moment more before waving a dismissal for Laurent.

"Thank you for your report, Laurent. I expect I will be needing your services and expertise again at some point. Good day."

He stepped towards the map again to consult with others, when a call went up nearby. Hearing his name, Alexander quickly surmised what it was about and made his way to see his friend's return.


Duncan leaped off his horse and rushed towards the Colonel, saluting. "Colonel, sir. Returning from scout duty at the Breach."

Alexander stood with his hands clasped behind his back. "Report." With interest he noted Theerin and Kilroy also dismounting, Theerin showing blood stains on his tunic.

Commander Duncan nodded, seeing the look from his commanding officer over his shoulder. "The lads are alright, Colonel. A little brush with some Gnolls, is all. They took the worse of it."

Alexander raised an eyebrow. "You were not to engage, Duncan."

"Aye, and we didna, 'cept the poor bastards who ambushed us on our return trip." Duncan nodded to his fellows. "Most o' that blood is from the mountain devils, I assure you. As for the rest of the report, we were not able to get too close to the town. There is a good number of undead roaming hither and thither. We avoided any direct contact, but there was simply too many about for us to get an accurate look of any detail. The one thing we noted is that the lights are out. No fires. Smart, hide their numbers better, or perhaps as undead they simply dinna need them.

"The end o' the matter is what counts, sir. The Breach is overrun, there is no doubt about that. We met up with some of the Rovani on our way in, they were escorting some farmers, surname Makefield if I recall, out of the area. We didn't stop to chat, and they seemed just as happy to speed along their way as well."

"Is that all the news you have?"

"Just one other, sir. A small Fey creature caught up to us while resting, a day out of the Breach on our way back. He had a message he wanted me to relay to you: 'The Satyr Lord and his kin are leaving. He gathered as many as he could of the Fair Folk whom She had not already corrupted, and fled to their own land. He'll not be back until the taint is removed from the land.' Then the little bugger disappeared so fast, you'd think he was smoke in a stormy wind."

Alexander pondered this news for a few moments. Other soldiers had gathered to listen to the news, waiting for the Colonel's reply. He seemed to lose track of time and himself, and was shaken out of his deep thought when Commander Duncan coughed loudly.

"Right," the Colonel said, clearing his throat. "Commander, you are taking control of the East March, fifth through ninth regiments. The seventh is still here, waiting for you to lead them, while the others are already on route to their rendezvous with the Elves in Thysyrael. Theerin, Kilroy, go with him, he'll need your skills for communication lines, most assuredly."

Alexander was aware that everyone nearby was listening to him, intent on relaying the news and his orders to everyone else in the Barracks in moments. "The first, third and fourth regiments are going to remain here in Calanhelm, taking shifts for coverage between Brightmoor through to Pinedell. Commander Lucious is staying here to command them. The second regiment is to report to Ironridge as rear guard and liason for your troops. The tenth...they are to remain on their current status, Commander. See to it they get the word."

It was Duncan's turn to raise his eyebrow, questions obviously boiling in his mind. He stowed them away for another time, however. "Yes sir!" He began to move away to gather his gear and troops, when a thought occurred to him. "Sir, wait. That means....none of the Home Guard are returning to the Breach with you?"

"Those that call Parson's Breach their home are travelling there. Unfortunately, we cannot afford any more than what we have, as the situation in Rocholm is grave - you will understand more when you speak to the Lieutenant of the Seventh. You have your orders men. Commander, make whatever preparations and leave when you are ready, but no longer than three days hence. I will be leaving tomorrow morning to return to the Breach."

The men saluted each other once more then got down to their respective duties.
Mar slips into the barracks and up too behind laurent "my friend do you know the way too the armoury?" he asks softly not wanting too intterupt the hustle and bustle around them "i read a couple books and have an idea how too kit myself out" Mar smiles softly his time in the library had been very relaxing for him.
Laurent indicates a guarded building. "Tell zhem zhu are Returning to Parson's Breach."

With that he too hustles to his next required appointment.
Time Stamp November 4th, after tea time.

Each morning the clang of weapons can be heard in the training court yard. Recruits are surprised to see Sergeant Justeau taking up position now with some of the "Sword and Boarders", but the serious look on his face makes questions stop.

Hefting the plank of wood, he fiddles around and then gets to work improving the trade of any dutiful Home Guard; the tools of war.

He keeps at it for a good two hours, and is noticed to return every morning on the hour to continue the practice.

The mound of shattered wood steadily increases. :hahaha:
Time Stamp, 7th November, quarter past crumpets time.

Another mound of shattered and splintered wood and once more Laurent is finding learning the art of the Shield a lot trickier than it looks. But it certainly has helped his thought processes along. :thumbsup:

After replacing what is left of the sparring and training equipment and taking proper leave he marches off to the Colonel's office looking for his aide. "Zehy gut, Zergeant Justeau does vequest und momentz time of zhe gut Colonel at hiz pleazure."
Mar enters the courtyard and while waiting for his armour enlists several men to help him practice disarming each in turn most with his arrows others with his blades carefull not to injure them as he works to improve his technique.
A Sergeant of the Watch approaches Laurent "Greetings Sergeant. I hear word that you are wanting to speak with Colonel Stormcrest? I'm sorry to report that the Colonel is still in the area of Parson's Breach patrolling for pockets of Kara Vale's minions and is not expected back in Calanhelm until after the snow recedes. Is there anyone else you could speak with? Perhaps the Commander of the Home Guard Garrison in Calanhelm? I believe he is currently out on duty watch but should be returning soon."
Laurent ponders and then comes to a conclusion. "Ja Zergeant, zhe Commander vould be correct az zhat iz zhe Officer of Record und juristiczion." He opens up a pouch and presents a small leather book forward to the Sergeant. "Vould zhou ze zhist book delivered immediately to zhe Earth-Weaver's guild, it's iz evidence of an Interestick problem ve haz." He then scribbles a quick note. Handing it off he then considers the next point carefully. "Zomeone alzo needz zhu findz Magistrate Mobius az zheer vas no reply to zhis conzern, likely he is at the Arcane Zanctum. Zhis is going to conzern zhem az vell."

He stands then back at ease. "Und zince ve must vait, I vould request I'z be placed under guard until zhe gut Commander arrives. Othervise ve haven't vollowed proper procedure in zis gut Zergeant."

He stands back at ease and awaits at the Commander's door.
Mar fidgets a little with his new armor getting used too the fit of the shoulder before going back to his practice noting how the shoulder peice affected his aim and ability to move "so if i adjust like this" he mutters to himself letting an arrow fly and knocking the sword from the hand of a soldier practicing his work nearby "hmmm needs work"
The Sergeant has a puzzled look upon his face. "Place you under Guard Sergeant? Do you need protection or are you turning yourself in for a crime? I'm a little confused. If this", and he points to the book, "is evidence in something it needs to be processed correctly. It will remain here in the evidence vault."The sergeant then pulls out a book, a ledger by the looks of it, and then begins to write down information regarding the book.

After a minute or two he completes his log entry and calls for a Corporal. "Corporal, please take the Sergeant to the 'guest room' and have him await the Commander there. Please stand guard to ensure he does not leave or anyone enters the room. We'll get this straigthened out as soon as possible Sergeant."

Once Laurant is escorted to the "guest room" the Sergeant then takes the book to the evidence vault.
Mar writes a quick note unaware of laurants current situation he hands it too a paige along with a silver "see this makes it to laurant please" the contents of the note where simple and as the note was unsealed readable to anyone who wished -laurant i have no clue what to wear to this masq thing please advise.- Mar heads back towards the earth weavers guild eager to return to his reading on law and morality.
Laurent nods his agreement to the Sergeant and is more than happy to rest in the Guest quarters. "At leazt zomethings are proceedick correctly vor vonce ja?" Though he has to snicker at the "crime part". "Hmm...zhere zheems to be nicht conzept of Stewardship of Witness." He settles in and asks the Corporal of the door a question. "Vould zhou be able to spare a vunner or drei ja? Vould appear it is time vor all zhee interested parties to hear about vhat iz happened." He settles in and starts writing away in the Kanji of his parents.
A corpreal and two guards knock on the door, "The Commander will see you now." The guards wait to position themselves to escort the sergent.
Laurent seals up the last letters and closes off the ink flow. A quick straightening up and he is ready. "Zhank zhou Corporal...Ironheart vas it?" He settles in, a minor chuckle at a silent thought. "Az zhey Colonel commands ve zhall obey, let uz zee zehr gut Commander ja?"
"Never gave my name Sergeant. If, you'll follow me please." Leading Laurent accross the training compound he's escorted into a squad room. In the front of the room is the commander going over some paper work. "Sergeant Justeau sir." annouces the Corporal, standing aside at the entrance to permitt Laurent inside.

Looking up from his papers in hand, "Step forward Sergeant and please explain what is so important that you must be placed under guard and that you must speak to me. And please hurry it up, I have a city garrison to run."
A knock at the door disturbs what seems like a conversation that will never end, or begin.

A Home Guard Sergeant pokes his head in. "Sorry to disturb your.... conversation?, but I must report what we found in the marketplace earlier in the week. It seems as though a child, probably a girl, we cannot really tell anymore, was brutally murdered. The Earth Weavers have reported no spirit entering their Circles, and the Sanctum sent over a Ritualist who determined that no Ritual was involved in her death. We found tufts of fur and large claw marks in the vicinity."

Pausing to collect his thoughts "Commander, there have been a number of 'Kin and Saar that have come into the city over the past couple weeks. Many of them posess the skill and strength to do so. A witness reported seeing a cloaked 'snouted' figure near the alley earlier in the evening, but they did not get a good look at them, even with the full moon shining down. How do you wish to proceed?"
"Very well, since Sergeant Laurent apparently has nothing better to do then to lounge around a barracks room then waste my time, you are assigned to 3 weeks kitchen detail. You are very lucky you are not under my command, other wise I'd strip you back down to private. You are dissmissed. Corporal, please make sure the proper forms are filled out on this disciplinary action and have them passed onto the Seargents command." Not even waiting for a reply or salute Commander Lucian stands and starts leaving the room, "Take me to the murder scene Sergeant."
You hear a voice in your head. It's female.
You can only make out 2 words ASTRAL... TRAPPED....

Laurent's world closes in around him, filled with blackness.

OOG: You are rendered unconcious.
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