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Sgt. Laurent; after another hard morning sparring and training; has cleaned up and headed to the duty officer desk.

"Zgt. Justeau vequestick permizzion to vizit zhe Prisoner Tal he Tvaitor under ezcort."

He stands at ease.
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OOG : Oh agreed, I hadn't expected to end up with an extended audience. :noway: :wub2: But he has finished the whole flourish, bows and proper decor, so he's ready to rock and rule. :thumbsup:
"Ummm, ok Sargeant. By all means, head down to the prison and see if they have a Tal there, but this is the barracks and training compound." Looking Laurent over, "you're not from around here are you? The prison is several brocks that way." Pointing to the south.
Serveral patrols are seen leaving the barracks compound. Fanning out through the city, checking the dark ally ways and roof tops. Stoping in at every tavern they come across. "We are looking for the one they call Third."
Walking straight to Corporal Greenmore's desk in the Barracks, Master Quynn says "Good morning Corporal Greenmore. I need to speak with Commander Lucien, please will you tell him that I am here." She looks calmly at the young corporal and waits for his acknowledgement.
Appon seeing and hearing Master Quynn, the Cpl stands and gives a bow, "Yes, Master Quynn, he is in. One moment and I'll let him know you are here."

With that, he moves the the door the the Commander's office and knocks before opening. "Commander, Master Quynn is here to see you."

From the other room, "Thank you Corporal, see her in."

Standing back and bowing his head, "Please enter," the corporal gestures to the open doorway. "Can I get you anything? Tea? Water?"
"No thank you Corporal, I am fine." Quinn says as she steps through the open door.

"Commander, thank you for seeing me. I wish to discuss a matter concerning a young man I think you are familiar with." Quinn closes the door behind her.

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