Home Guard Barracks - Capital

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Laurent awakens. His eyes begin to focus and he realizes that he is still in the same room he has been in for what seems like weeks. His head hurts. Throbbing as though someone had hit him with the force of an Ogre's hammer.
A brief rubbing of the bridge of his nose and blinking finds Laurent quickly checking a small hand mirror. It is there and then not in a brief moment..."By zhe Tyrant's dizeazed left testicles..." He glares at the mirror again, no he hadn't imagine what he heard, and what he briefly saw there.

"Zo, it beginz ja." Noticing where he is he quickly dashes to a window and looks out, then notes the date on the calender.

"Vuck!" He madly dashes back to quarters knowing where he has to be now.
The training squads once more see the Sergeant reporting for proper training. Mixed in with the shield...an art Laurent is finding sore on the arm...but is now training along the recruits sword techniques. When asked about why he is taking time with the sword again he remarks "Vun must alvays vork on zhe basics ja?" Glancing at the Imperial Blade he notes the history of it. "Vhen vun vorgets he voundation of how vun getz here, vun vinds zhemzelves along zhe road zhey didz not zhee."
The Grand Duchess's page spots Laurent in the training area and heads towards him.

"Master Laurent" he says and bows low. "Her Grace has time in her schedule either today or tomorrow to grant you audience. Just report to her wing in the Palace and someone will take you to her when you are ready." Without waiting for a reply, he bows low again and takes his leave moving quickly through the training yard. His message satchel clearly full with correspondence still needing to be delivered.
Rubbing the soreness out of his arms from the training efforts Laurent acknowledges the message finally.

Heading back to quarters he swaps to proper court attire and then gets on his way.
After Fredrick is done with a messenger. He heads out and finds third where he ask him to meet him this day. With third in tow he head to the Barracks. Upon entry he finds the duty officer at the front and address him.

"I am Fredrick and this is Third we are here to see the Commander on a privet but urgent matter. He should be expecting us."
Looking rather bored, the Corporal at the front door nods his head. "Follow me." Leading the two of them up to the second floor and down a hallway, stoping at an open door, he knocks on the frame. "Corporal Greenmore, two gentlemen are here to speak to the Commander."

Putting down the quill he was writing with, "Thank you Closter, send them in."

Jesting for the two to enter the offiice, the corporal heads back to his station.

Entering the office Fredrick and Third see a sparse waiting room, only thing here are a couple benchs on one side of the room and a desk on the other side. A sigle door accross the room from them and another behind the desk. On the desk are a couple neatly stacked piles of reports. Seated at the desk is Corporal Grennmore, "What is your bussiness with the Commander?"
"Ah Corporal two fold. I need to report to him about the person bitten by the vampire at the party the other night. Also there is a more personal matter that involves my friend here that needs to be addressed. Hopefully before night fall."
"Ah, very well." Standing, the Corpoal walks over to the door across from the one you entered, giving it a knock and opening it. "Sir, some of the flks from Parson's Breach are here to see you."

"Send them in."

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Will runs full speed into the barracks, stopping before the Corporal at the front door, saying "An urgent message for the Commander. I must speak with him directly and right away." He looks at the Corporal, trying to catch his breath again.
Third awakens in a darkened cell in the Home Guard barracks. His wrists sore from the past few days confinement. He is not sure how long it has been, but the bruises on his wrists from the shackles make it feel like nearly a week has passed. The shackles should not have left bruises such as there are now. His arms fit slack in the bonds that have held them. Only if they shruck 3 sizes would they leave this mark. Perhaps he grew at some point during his confinement? He is not sure. Perhaps one of the guards would have a clue?
The Corporal on sentry motions for Will to follow, "This way." Leading Will into the large building, to the second floor. Down the hallway he knocks on a door to an office. "Another matter for the Commander."

"Thank you, send him in." Corporal Greenmore stands up from his desk. "What can the Commander help you with?"
The sound of footsteps echoing down a hallway go on for what seems like forever. Followed by the sound of keys as they unlock a couple locks, then the sound wooden beams being moved. Finally the door opens, the light from a single lantern is blinding.

Stepping into the 5x5 cell, a guard unlocks the shackles around Third's wrists and steps outside. A second, much more older gentleman steps forward, grabbing Third's arm and looks the the marks on his wrists left by the shackles. "Hmmm, bring him, clean him up and feed him." Is all he says as he leaves the cell.

Reaching into the cell, the larger of the guards grabs Third and pulls him out, a second guard supports him on the other side, both carrying draging him down the hall. Glancing around Third sees several other doors, some heavly bound, some wood, some metal, some just bars and some just simple doors. There are no light sources except for the single lantern the guards brought with them. After 100' they come to another door, the older man unlocks it and opens it up. On the other side is a small chamber room, with 2 other doors and an arched opening on the other side of the room leading away down another hall, it is lit by a few torches along the wall. A table in the center of the room has a tray of food and some clean clothes, after locking the door behind them the old man leaves out the archway with out saying a word. Droping Third into a chair at the table, "Food and clean clothes, there's a wash basin over in the corner," the smaller guard gestures, "when you're ready we'll escort you out."
"Her Grace, The Grand Duchess, urgently requires the Commander's presence at her rooms in the Palace. An intruder has entered the Palace and committed murder." Will states to the Corporal.
Moving to the closed door accross the room, Greenmore knocks once and opens it, "Sir, intruder has entered the palace, there are causualties."

"Thank you Corporal," Commander Lucien exits his office buckling on his sword belt, "Send word for Captain Baumle to join us. Lead on son."
Will bows quickly to Commander Lucien, then stands again saying "Yes Sir! The Fatespinner and The Arch Mage have also been sent word about the intrusion Sir." and he turns around to lead the Commander to the scene of the crime.

Continued in Duchess Victoria's rooms in The Palace
Over the last while mar had kept largely out of sight as he engaged in a new hunt through the city streets and over its roof tops. Moving silently and primarily at night he hunted for the wolves that kept attacking the towns people. Frustrated by his lack of success he returns too the home guard barracks to rest stopping only to requisition more arrows then heading for the room he was using. A million thoughts swirl in his mind mysteries new and old that needed answers. Given the crisis had the fatespinner had time to look over the arrow? If it was dangerous was she properly protected? Who or what was slaughtering the citizens and vanishing without trace?. Rubbing sleep from his eyes Mar sits on the bed armor still in place except to bathe he hadn't removed it in nearly a month. As he tries to relax a final mystery nags at his thoughts who was kira......was she real or a figment from the phantom that had possesed him? Mar sighs softly and lays his head on the pillow finally letting a light sleep claim his mind.
A Sergeant comes riding into the court yard, handing the reins of his horse the a stable hand, he walks into the main building and up the stairs. A short time later he leaves on his horse.
Walking into the Barracks, Third approaches a nearby guard.

"Excuse me. I don't know where the Commander is, but I need to be put in a secure cell for the night. Hopefully he left instructions about this?"
"Yes, he's been waiting for you. Please follow me,"
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