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Jinn slowly makes the walk back to his home in The Lux, leaving Elspeth to bury her father. Slowly climbing the steps of the veranda, he pauses and looks out into the woods. Seeing the small army following his friend, Jinn slowly opens the front door and steps in. He stops, listening to the quiet of the house, trying to gauge who was home. Getting the sense that he was the first to return he kicked off his boots and retired to his room for the evening. Dropping his belongings on the floor, he collapses into his bed and falls asleep.

His sleep is a restless one. Dreams of blood and anger force him to toss and turn all night. The morning seems to come extra early, as the sunlight shines through the windows, forcing him to get up.

Still dressed in the clothes he was wearing the night before Jinn rummages through his cupboard, locating a bottle of his favorite non alcoholic beverage, the energy elixir. The popping sound of the cork leaving the mouth of the bottle and the light fizzing sound from within brought a weak smile to Jinn's face. He takes a long drink from the bottle and heads to the veranda.

Pulling a chair over into the small pool of light spilling onto the porch, Jinn takes a seat, looking over the edge of the forest and common's, trying to see if anyone else was awake.
Phalaenopsis returned from his morning check-up on his messenger hawks, somewhat surprised to see Jinn staring into the woods from the porch. "Ah, good morning." he called, but his voice lacked the usual cheer. After ascending the steps to the porch, he leaned on the railing next to Jinn. "You're up pretty early, usually I've come back and started preparing my crafting for the day before you're up. I take it you didn't sleep well?"
Jinn looks up to reply to his housemate.

"Morning Phal... no I did not sleep well last night. To much of what was said and what happened just doesn't sit well with me right now."
"That's understandable." Phalaenopsis replied, putting a comforting hand on Jinn's shoulder, "We're the first two awake, as far as I know, but I could send off Split Pea or Bell Pepper if you suspect Calan or Rohnan didn't come home last night; I only heard about what happened this morning from a Brownie, so I didn't know to check on them before leaving. Do we know if Elspeth is okay?"
"I'm sure those two will return when they feel up to it. As for Elspeth, i am unsure of her state, but I have to assume she is not doing well."

Jinn sighs and takes a sip from his drink.

"There are times where I am unsure why I return to this shard..."
"Home is where the heart is, I suppose." Phalaenopsis said, "It's a bit cliché, but I think for a lot of people it explains a great deal." He gave Jinn's shoulder another squeeze before digging a vial of pale blue liquid out of his pouch. "If you're feeling very tired, I can make you something to help you sleep, but otherwise this is about all I have." He set the vial down on the railing next to him. "In brighter news, I'm starting to train you a messenger hawk. I'm not set on a name yet, but I'm thinking Lemongrass."
Jinn chuckles. "What do I need a messenger hawk for? I'm pretty sure if I yell loud enough anyone who needs to get the message will. Now if the hawks could mist walk on their own, that could be something I really could use. There may come a time where I do not return to this shard after mist walking. The land it self seems to not want us here."
"Well, you know, it might be convenient if you go someplace you can't take a portal to or from. Whether they can travel the mists..." Phalaenopsis shrugged, "I don't know. They're just normal hawks, as far as I know, and I can't say I've ever heard of an animal navigating the mists to another shard before, but strange things happen all the time, so who knows for sure." He bit his lip in thought. "Mostly, the concern would be the distance; hawks aren't distance flyers, but there are other birds that are, so I could maybe look into trying to get my hands on one of them and training it?"
"Oh I was just thinking out loud my friend. Given my taste for travel, a messenger hawk would be lovely!"
Phalaenopsis smiled. "Then I'll train Lemongrass as quickly as I can. Not sure when he'll be 100% ready, but at the very least he should be able to go back and forth between the two of us by Summer's end." He stood up properly, no longer leaning on the railing, and swiped the vial off the railing to stuff it back into his pouch. "Are you feeling up for breakfast, or do you need a few more minutes to wake up proper?"
"I find myself with no appetite this morning" Jinn replies, with his face still stern. "So far my plan for the day is to sit in this chair and try to digest everything that is going on at the moment. To try and formulate some type of plan for the coming summer months. Also I want to make sure that our house mates return home at some point."
"I see... Well, then..." Phalaenopsis let out a shrill whistle; moments later, a hawk flew out of the forest and settled in on the railing behind him. It let out a shriek and pecked at him, and Phalaenopsis gave it a treat from his pouch. "You think of what you'd like to say to Calan, I'll go grab something to write with, and well send him a letter with Split Pea. If Calan isn't home, I suspect Rohnan is with him, but I can call for Bell Pepper, too, if you think she might not be." Phalaenopsis gave Split Pea a pat to signify he was to stay put before disappearing into the house, returning a few minutes later with a pad of paper and a pencil, which he handed to Jinn. "Even if you don't send it, just writing might help."
Kai jogs towards the house, from the forest. She waves, looking flustered and out of breath.
Jinn chuckles half heartedly. "Its not that I have anything specific to say to them, it's more like a parent waiting for their child to come home after a very rough night. I just want to make sure I am here when they choose to return."

Jinn sits up in his chair as he notices Kai running towards the house.

"Why the hurry Kai? What's going on?"
"Then I'll write, and let him know we're here when he returns." Phalaenopsis replied, taking the writing implements back. He was about to start scribbling his own note when Kai came running out of the forest, out of breath and with an anxious look on her face. "Kai, are you all right? Did something else happen?"
Kai says, between huffs, "Calan.. is ok. Ish. Rohnan... with... him. Resting.. forest. And Cato." She isn't sure how closely Cato was following, but he never announced his departure. She closes the gap, and climbs up on the porch. "Other news... secret... " She figures these two are connected enough to know.
Phalaenopsis set down the pad of paper next to Split Pea, and motioned to Kai and Jinn that they should probably head inside if it was something private. He quickly scrawled a note, tied it to Split Pea's leg, fed the hawk another treat, and sent the bird off to find Calan. Once Split Pea was off, he headed inside.
Jinn heads inside
Jinn returns to his chair on the veranda after he finishes his conversation with Kai and Phal inside the house *taken to pm*
Kai returns to the porch. "Anyways.. thought you should know. I figure that's going to be very important information."
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