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"I figured I should update you about Calan, before I go find Evo to let him know.. that other bit."
"I imagine he has returned to the sanctum, but would be most interested in hearing that bit of information. Thank you for the update on my friends as well, it puts me at ease."
Kai pulls herself to her feet, nods goodbye to the gentlemen, and heads off in the direction of the rest of town. (She still looks a little out of breath, but is looking better than when she arrived.)
Jinn watches the foxkin make their way through to commons and leans back in his chair.

"This is why a monarchy is just a terrible idea." He says to himself.

Jinn plays with the bottled beverage I'm his hands a bit, having a hard time staying settled. Many thoughts were racing through his mind, and just like his body he couldn't settle his mind to focus.
Phalaenopsis came out of the house a few minutes after Jinn, and passed him a vial with a clear liquid in it. "In case you need to lay down and rest after that. It should taste like apple." he said, "I can either sit with you until you stop shaking, or I can go get you some breakfast while you nap. Your choice."
Jinn stretches back in his chair and looks at Phal.

"I just have more energy then I can deal with. So much happened in such a short amount of time... it's a lot to process. Plus I've never been able to sit still for to long. You don't need to worry about me."
Elly appears on the road up to the house, walking briskly and carrying a cloth bag. She waves and trots the last few steps to the house.

"Well, look who isn't dead! And nice to see you, too, Phal," she laughs. Her eyes are a little red, but dry. She sizes Jinn up. "You look a little too comfortable. What do you say to a good, old-fashioned adventure?" She jingles the bag mysteriously.
The legs of the chair thud on the wooden porch as Jinn sits forward sharply. Stroking his chin for a moment he eyes his student.

"You come to my house, with a bag of unknown origin and unknown contents, and talk of mystery. I have taught you a little to well it seems." Jinn says with a sly grin.

"Come, pull up a chair. Let us discuss this mysterious adventure you bring to my doorstep." He says, gesturing to the empty bench beside him.
She sits down on the chair but on the edge, apparently wound a little tightly, the words coming quickly. "You remember Brighton? The place I'm from? The place that was ashes, last I left it?" She drops her gaze, deflating slightly. "It came back, but not the way I remember. A tornado took it. Evo thinks time elementals are involved." She opens the bag a little to show the splinters of what once appeared to be a sword. "It didn't make the trip, but it's shown up just prior to both Brightons being destroyed." She glances up at the road. "I should really bother Billin about this..."

Too restless to stay still, she hops up again. "Evo's looking to gather you, Calan, and I. Figure it out. Maybe... maybe fix it. There's something going on there. It's part of the war, I just don't know how." She stops her pacing and looks up at the two. "Sorry. Too much at once, maybe?"
Phalaenopsis nodded at Jinn, but left the vial with him. "Keep it in case you want it." He was about to say more, but Elinor came up the steps. "Good morning. Or just morning, it seems." He let Jinn and Elinor talk among themselves; it wasn't really a private talk, or Elinor probably would have asked Jinn to talk elsewhere, but he also didn't want to interrupt them, as it was a delicate subject for her.

"I think it may be worthwhile to speak to the Archmage about getting in contact with Xorta." Phalaenopsis offered, "I've only met him... I think twice, but he took us back to get the Golden Apple, so at the very least he might be able to tell you if time elementals are involved or not. Jinn might have a better idea, but it's not a bad place to start. And Calan isn't here just now, but if you two want to go get a head start on research or planning at the Sanctum, I'll be sure to send him your way when he returns."
"Xorta? That sounds familiar. Did they have something to do with time elementals?"
"He's one of the more powerful ones, yes. At least, to my knowledge." Phalaenopsis replied, "Evo has had more dealings with him than I have, and I suspect the Archmage even more than Evo. I'm not sure if he's exactly an ally? But he's taken a few people back to gather information and items to seal the Reaches, so at the very least he's not an enemy. I get the feeling he's much more interested in keeping a stable flow of time than actually being on our side."
"A stable flow of time would be rather a good start, I think." She glances around. "I suppose Calan is somewhere... processing?" Her face clearly read, And hopefully not getting himself killed. "Evo was hoping to speak with the three of us."
"Xorta is not exactly an ally, but also not an enemy. I imagine a being that has seen many different outcomes of our reality can not truly pick sides. He is the keeper of the dust we have used to travel back in time, when we were searching for the golden apple. I am unsure if he controls the time elementals, but i am of the belief that they exist without a leash. As Phal said, he was much more interested in ensure a proper flow to the time line as it was playing out than anything else."

Jinn takes a drink from his bottle, and thinks for a moment.

"A town destroyed, only to return to be destroyed again. A shattered sword that appears as well. I agree that this sword holds a larger purpose, and that Billin should take a look at it as soon as we can find him. I imagine another excursion to Brighton should also be in the books, only to see if it has returned to be destroyed again... and if so... how. Once by fire, once by a tornado."

Jinn pauses again, deep in thought.

"It does sound like a time loop, and rogue time elementals would explain that. But the different ending the town has come to is very strange. The time elementals could be something that Xorta can shed some light onto. But I really do think that we may need to travel back there, if you are up to it of course. If Evo wishes to speak to me and Calan then we shall make way to the sanctum the moment Calan arrives home. Until he returns it may be helpful for you to fill me in on your trip home. So I can get a better feel for what we may be getting ourselves into."

Jinn looks his student up and down, noticing her demeanor.

"I understand your worry, and the nervous energy. It has blanketed The Lux since our unwanted guest made an appearance. Can I offer you anything to drink, something that may help relax the nerves slightly. Patience and calm may be something that comes in handy in this situation."
Elly does one more lap of the porch before trying to settle properly in the chair. "That's what I thought as well, but it's not repeating properly. Some things were the same - the oak tree, the well, the inn... but the town hall never had a second floor that I remember. And the fire, it started in the library there too, but many years ago and not last year." She examines her hands rather closely. "The man who died in that fire bore my father's name. And never had children."

She shook her head. "All very odd. All the people were different, I didn't recognize a single person. And yet the sword was in exactly the same place as before. Reforged, but poorly. It all but disintegrated on the trip back, it's not even magical. But touching it was what gave me my abilities in the first place."

She looks over at Jinn. "Do you think... perhaps there's more than one? More than one Brighton, that is? Maybe the others are still... somewhere." She threw up her hands, exasperated. "I don't know. A year ago I knew nothing of gnolls or dragons and here I am trying to wrap my head around parallel times. I just keep..." Her hands seemed to become very interesting again. "... I wonder whether there's a chance... well. I guess we'll find out, won't we." The shadow passes from her face as she laughs lightly and brushes away the offer. "Showing up inebriated at the sanctum with you two might slightly affect my chances in gaining sanctum ranks. I'd hate for the Magus to think you a bad influence."
Jinn laughs loudly at Elly's last sentence.

"Oh the Magus is WELL aware of what a bad influence I am! But he has also granted me two students, and I have saved his life on more than one occasion. So I have to assume he knows I mean well in the end. Plus if I can manage to earn the title Warmage within the sanctum, I'm sure you will have no problems ranking up."

Jinn stands and disappears into the house for a brief moment, returning with another bottle of his favourite orange beverage and a tankard. He hands them to Elly as he returns to his seat. He takes a long drink from his bottle and starts to lean back in his chair.

"But do not worry, I did not mean anything strong or alcoholic. However a nice cool beverage may be what you need to calm your nerves. Now, Do not try to comprehend what exactly this could be just yet. I have been adventuring for only a few years more than you, and I am still surprised at the things we can encounter. This could very well be parallel times, it could be that time elementals have reversed time within the town but your absence has created a different Brighton. It could be that something more nefarious if controlling these elementals for some grand plan. There could be a magical curse laid upon this town... speculation will only get us so far. It is strange that there are differences now compared to when you were there. I imagine this will not be a simple... well, maybe simple isn't the right word, but a simple case of time looping on itself."

Jinn stops and ponders the last few times he had gone back through time. His face grows sad for a moment thinking of an old friend, but it is washed away in an instant.

"Time is a prickly thing, every time I have experienced the past, is has shown me that we have been the ones to directly shape our future. Elwynd was the one who chose the fate of those supplies, leading to the dark reaches bordering Rockholm where they do now. We were the ones who plucked the golden apple, but that lead to Master Waynwood becoming the earthweaver we already knew today. Choises may be given to you to change outcomes, or it could be your actions in the future that have set the past in motion and it is unavoidable. There is no telling what we will find if we go down this path. You need to be prepared for that, for honestly anything."
Elly makes a show of sniffing the drink suspiciously before accepting it with thanks. "It's hard not to jump to conclusions. Certainly when one consistent factor seems to be... me."

"'Prepared for anything,' indeed, I'm sure that's a Jinn Rule." She gives him a slightly sly look. "You know you're sounding more like a War Mage all the time." She leans over to Phal. "What have you been feeding him? Responsibility Juice?"
"I think just a steady dosage of Hallucinate and the occasional Enfeeble." Phalaenopsis joked, "Although, Jinn's always handled responsibility well, even if he doesn't particularly care for having it." He turned to face Elinor properly. "I wouldn't really read too much into you being the only common factor in Brighton's destruction. You did say that both times the sword was in the same place, and the destruction happened after you moved it, so as far as I'm concerned the sword is the culprit here."
Jinn feigns a look of shock watching Elly s if the drink.

"Now I would be a terrible sylvanborn if I gave you something alcoholic without telling you. That would just be plain rude. As for being prepared for anything, that is a rule I try to live by. But it doesn't only have to be the bad in life."

Jinn rustles around in his side pouch and pulls out 2 small vials. "It helps to be prepared for the good times in life as well."

He smiles as he gives the vials a little shake before putting them back.

"So we have a sword that has appeared both times this town has ended, we have a town that looks exactly how you remember minus a second floor, and we have you. You said that you didn't recognize anyone, did anyone recognize you? There was a man with your fathers name, but no children. Hmmm... is this time, or could this be some powerful being recreating this town hoping for a different outcome of something that has to do with this sword?"

Jinn goes into his bag once more, pulling out his pipe. After a few seconds the faint red glow and small puffs of smoke come from the pipe, and he takes another drink from his bottle.

"I can see how conclusions could be jumped to, but the possibilities on what's happening are much to vast to do so yet. Perhaps there is a ritual in the sanctum vault that can help us gleam some information on the fragments of this sword. A lore ritual perhaps. When we speak with the Magus I will bend his ear on that topic as well. If not hopefully Billin will be able to help us."

Jinn taps the tip of the pipe against his chin while he ponders the conversation.

"Do you think there is enough of the sword to reforge it?"
Calan makes his way up near the path only half heard something about the town being destroyed twice.

“ reminds me of the atherium, opiathus and the lot created a duplicate of the lux in a pocket dimension. Maybe it’s like that Or, perhaps someone is meddling with time to get their hands on that sword but each time they fail.”
Calans eyes remain on the ground.
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