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From what I remember hearing, one of the additional things that was supposed to happen for bows was the ability to fight long sword / short bow, in addition to long bow / short sword.

I can't find it anywhere.

So, two questions.

1. Do any of the Owners remember that being the case (or can check)?

2. Can anyone else find it anywhere?


Just as a side note-

Was thinking:"gee how many hit points do I have now?" and since I don't have a recent character card (due to moving) handy I thought " well I will just look in the new rulebook I just got. I turned to the index looked at hit points and there next to it where it should say the page.... a blank space. Ah, publication- so wrought with pitfalls and foils.

Mike the book is great I love the new formatting/ order of the book.

maybe add staff (and the 1 handed 2 handed rules) to addendum for the page describing staff skill page. 66


Sunnfire said:
markusdark said:
Sunnfire said:
There are 2 to my knowledge.
And with the revamp of characters, I'm planning on making one of my characters a Master Scrollsmith.

They were master scroll smiths before it was cool.
Well unfortunately, I haven't had the pleasure of 10+ years of uninterrupted and multiple campaigns to go to so I haveta be stingy with my points until there is a San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Cruz, Sacramento and Berkeley chapters. :D


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obcidian_bandit said:
Your glasses are tinted, they are sunglasses. I can tell that they're tinted in the picture, making them more anachronistic then the other pairs of glasses in the picture. I've always thought that orcs, ogres, and barbarians looked funny in glasses (and there's one of those in that picture, too), but the players don't have a terrible amount of control of that situation. What we do have control of is whether or not we're portraying our game as a group of dudes who run around in the woods in sunglasses or not. I recently had to have a discussion with a new player about why sunglasses (not prescription, regular, plastic sunglasses) aren't appropriate. As soon as that player sees that picture, I'm going to have to have the conversation again. I don't want to. I want new players to have the impression that people do away with as many anachronisms as possible. Sometimes there are exceptions; some people wear glasses, hearing aides, transitioning lenses, play near cars, stay in modern looking buildings, and all sorts of other things. We shouldn't be highlighting those in the book, we should be accepting them when they happen.
You are 100% correct dude...Ok guys stop playing so we can take a pic........o
You are also right that a brand new player will look at pg 140 and say oh that guy has transition glasses, i can't believe it. I'm not playing this game." (I'm being sarcastic by the way)

With the new player that you are talking to, all you have to mention is exactly what you said " Sometimes there are exceptions".

I honestly feel that you need to pick a different battle to fight. I understand that you are voicing your concerns for the good of the game.

Bill, by the way you have great garb....


Gilwing said:
I honestly feel that you need to pick a different battle to fight. I understand that you are voicing your concerns for the good of the game.
All he was doing, was matching Bill's tone. If someone decided to go off on me for simply pointing out something contradictory to what we want to portray, I would respond in kind as well. Maybe if people didn't QQ over the slightest criticism, there wouldn't be the need to respond in an inflammatory fashion.
i was finnaly able to really sit down and read through the book the other day and
i absolutly love the book! i really like how it is set up, especially in the begening. (pardon my spelling) the camping advice part was really interesting and i thought it was great. along iwth the guide to role playing, considering npcing, okay so basically everything up to page 37. before it got into the other stuff like the races and classes. i also like how the races got a little more information about them,
and i was surprised that humans got left out. was this on purpose or did i just miss it? not that i really care as i would never ever ever play a human, there too boring. not that im sure there isnt interesting humans out there, its just that i am one so i dont want to play as one in fantasy. anyway, moving on..
thanks for the special ablities page, as i am going to be npcing this year (insert evil laugh here) i am going to read these pages a ton.
i really like how one of the pictures i sent in got in book. i am really happy about that, next time im going to send in a ton more.
over all, i really really like this book! good job to everyone who worked on it!!

Mike Ventrella

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Thank you!

Humans are the "default" race. We don't need to put in racial requirements for being a human because you can't play a human wrong (well, unless you're playing it by wearing furs or gypsy clothes and talking with an accent!)


On page 102, the last column, the final sentence about potions: You can't resist a magical potion with the resist poison skill, change to Resist Command (I think they forgot to change it again, but a resist magic?)
Chazz said:
A lot of good stuff here. Mostly just nifty though. Won't be completely game changing but NPC camps all around have their work cut out for them.

Some questions:......

--Could we PLEASE get a High Ogre for the High Ogre picture? As cool as Air Raksa may be I've seen him Drained too many times to believe he is an Ogre.

Sorry could not get picture and send it in time. Maybe Next Edition
What's an Armor spell?

Fortress, P.118:

For example: Belthivis finds himself surrounded by undead. He holds his hands over his head and casts a Fortress. An undead hits him for “9 Death” and Belthivis says “no effect” because it is less than his Protection Aura of 10. Another undead hits him for “11 normal” but that only affects his armor, and so the Fortress is still active. Belthivis touch-casts an Armor spell and a Spell Shield on himself while still in the Fortress. After ten minutes the Fortress will expire if he does not lower it himself or take any body damage.


or a super special Magic Armor that refits your armor superfast...


mmm touchcast cake


You will be baked, and then there will be touchcast cake.


obcidian_bandit said:
At least it's consistent this time. In the old (current) edition it's Instant on p86 and Lint of Sight on p66.
Page 122 under repel:

"The outstretched hand cannot be used for
any other purpose, although the caster may use
the other hand for in-game skills."

Page 97 under Concentration:

"While concentrating, the caster
cannot run or use any Game Abilities."

Seems contradictory to me.... Last edition "fixed" repel by having it be Instant, so you can use other IG abilities and skills with your other hand (such as touch casting or using a weapon)... There were contradictions where you listed (It was listed as Concentration still under the concentration heading, just as it is now)... however I don't feel concentration group fits the spirit of what the spell is trying to do... unless the spirit changed.