Refugees and Farms


My dear comrades, Fargal Far Cliff of the Brothers Creed will help you. In response to questions of defense I already have been studying it. The old Keep and ruins could be used but a stone wall is beyond our abilities for now.

I spoke with two men and a tall dryad on the subject. Apsilin, one of the humans, suggested 4-5 man check point forts to be built along with other forts and connected using lumber. There would be basic trenches with wooden spikes.

I am a master of one handed weapons and shields. Also any smithing needs can be directed my way since I am quickly gaining skill. I will join you all in your searches and will aid where I can.


Lots of people talking... like two chieftains in one tribe. Someone needs to organize all these thoughts and make a list... verbally would be preferred as Bones still doesn't want to learn chicken scratch. With that said, the Bleeding Eye has donated a lot of weapons, armor, potions, scrolls, coin and have contacted the Silvermaw Clan in the Tranquil Plains for some assistance... Because it is Thousand Bones' idea to train these refugees in the art of combat and to set up some proper defenses for them.

You find the site in which they can stay, and the Bleeding Eye and Silvermaw Clans will make sure these refugees can defend that location. It will be tough, but no Orc would shrug off a chance to train people how to fight.

Thousand Bones of the Bleeding Eye
Harkonian Slayer
Phoenix Foe
The Lich Butcher
Executioner of the Heart Drinker
Defiler of Echoes
The Goblin Cleaver
Elemental Bane
Alliance Maker
Duke of the Silvermaw
I am planning a diplomatic journey to Elara. This will take me near Silver Mill, which I will be stopping by in hopes of acquiring any old maps of Ceriopolis. My hope is that we can plan construction, not to follow the old map, but to see where there may be any dangers to be avoided (we get enough injured from Savage Legion, last thing we need is construction accidents from trying to place houses on top of unstable ruins). Kailin (the Cartographer) will be going as well, because... well... Maps. Anyone who wants to make the journey with us is welcome to do so, whether you go all the way to Elara with me, or just as far as Silver Mill with Kailin is still welcome... safety in numbers and all that.

Inquiry: the collection gathered a few days ago, someone offered assistance as a merchant to liquidate the items into coin. Should this go directly into construction materials for refugee housing? Food/medical supplies for the refugees? Town defenses against the Savage Legion (IE walls & weapons/armor)? or something I hadn't thought of.

-Magistrate Larix


Magistrate Larix,

I had been expecting a delegation from the jungles of Elara. With their non-attendance this last gathering, I too was heading in that direction. If you do not mind, I wish to attend this diplomatic journey.
I have a good understanding of the land between here and there - and I do remember some of my initial mistakes within the forest itself. If you wouldn't mind I would be happy to guide.

As for the allocation of assets, I believe Equitem Vanyal Anarion had a plan concerning these allocated resource and a means to best track them. I would suggest those who are interested in this matter speak with him directly so a small team can be formulated in conjunction with the House of Light and Lies and the Magistrates office to most effectively use what materials we have at hand.

- Dragoon Squire Shin


Squire Shin,

I was under the impression that a wild elf representative from Elara was, in fact, present, though briefly and somewhat unexpectedly unobtrusively. He was fair-haired and had blue or black markings around his eyes. This may have been someone else. I did not speak to him.

Vellis Valeriana Tsalarioth


I had not been informed! This is excellent news! I am only concerned that I did not see this envoy. What was his name? Who did he speak to? When was in in town? It would be good to speak to them further if possible.

Thank you for illuminating me, Vellis.

-Squire Shin


Squire Shin,
I talked to the representative from Elara for a bit outside during the feast. His name is Wraith if I'm not mistaken. I will be travelling with him as my escort into Elara. there are tensions between them and the silkleaf nation so it is advisable that dwarves and dryads take care travelling in, they may meet hostility from the Elaran natives. You are welcome to travel with us if you wish, I cannot say what our exact route will be though.




Wraith and I spent a lot of time talking while he was here. I am also planning to go with him back to Elara.



I will be traveling to Elara it seems with quite the company. However if there are a great number of you, I do not see reason to over burden the trip. There is still a lot of work to be done elsewhere.

Thank you Melvyn, Lady Kiarra. I will speak with you both further about the evening and coordinate a journey there.

-Squire Shin


San Francisco Staff
Everyone helps.

For those at this last gather I had sent Allara, and myself around for donations, and I have spoken briefly regarding the building of a refugee camp, infrastructure etc for managing the resources that we will gain, and well as those that we will need in order to build the best possible place. We will need to coordinate what people are coming in, and what skill sets we have, and how best to use them for maximum effect. We already have some of the dispossessed coming in, and need to move quickly. I have begun looking for a defensible place, and we have offers from the dwarves, and others to rebuild sections of the wall, as well as Nye, and another who wish to build farms. I have served as the Seneschal for a Crown Duchy, and very familiar with lists, paperwork, and organizing such endeavors. All of you are correct, and we will address all of these issues, from farming, to trapping, to defenses, to latrines, stake pits, cooking areas, tannery, smithy, etc. In order to best serve the people, and to keep ourselves from stepping on our own toes, or each others, we need to get a solid plan. I can be this hub so that everyone knows what everyone is doing, needs, and that those needs are met. But, in order to make this work I need your help. That being said let us take this discussion to a more pedestrian place.

((( I.E. please email me @ and we can get a doc together, and submit our downtimes together for best effect)))

I would like to put together a list of what we are working on, what we need, and make sure we all have, the hands we need to make it happen, that way by next gather we can have an infrastructure in place to accommodate those dispossessed that are here, and those that are coming in, even as we speak here. We have made alliances with Allara and they are hopefully sending one of their foreman, and builders to aid us. If you come across this gentleman please send them to me, and or the Magistrate they are here to help. Allara has also promised aid in the form of construction materials, and finished goods for our aid in their fight.

Here is what I have for a list so far, started at the end of the gather

Stage 1:
Defensible location for dispossessed to camp, Latrines, Cooking area.
-Defenses, Trenching, Stake pits, pits
We can finish stage 1 in a couple of days with a lot of hands working.

Stage 2:
It is unlikely we will be able to get a decent crop in the ground before winter hits so anything that grows cold we should plant. If not donations
should go towards preserves and foodstuffs, hunting, and trapping. Those so inclined can teach dispossessed the ways of the hunt to supplement skill sets, and get them participating. Such efforts are necessary for the community, and invaluable for morale. Meals taste better when people have helped to earn them.
Fencing, Pallisade. Rudimentary wall, made of wood. As we have many hands we can fell lumber in decent quantities. We will need it for fuel, for heat, and the smithy, and other shops. Smaller wood is kindling, or stakes for the stake pits, and defenses, Larger pieces become the Pallisade, or wall. Hides from the hunted get tanned, and staked to the outside of the wall, to mitigate fire arrows, and fire damage. Burning tanned leather is really hard.

Many hands will make both of these larger projects much lighter. We will likely get much of this done before the next gather weather, and effort willing.

In the meantime, we need teachers of all schools, and flavors to pass on their knowledge of the arts martial, healing, celestial magics, alchemy, the hunt anything. We have already encounter some of the dispossessed that are competent horsewoman, and perhaps a budding celestial scholar. They are just the tip of the iceberg. As you encounter them, talk to them, send them to myself, Dalaren, and especially the magistrate.
We need to get them placed, situated, fed, and then once acclimated contributing to the "tribe" as it were. Everyone works, everyone eats, everyone fights. We have xbows in vast quantities, weapons, ammunition, etc. I am not expecting them to be front liners, that is what we are for. But some of them may pick up the sword, some may pick up a wand, some a bow, and others yet may be plugging the holes in our hides.
We need all of it.

Stage 3:
I am hoping for workshops, longhouses, and the beginnings of a stone wall, but we can talk about that in the days to come. For now we have defenses to build.



Many of you have great ideas and amazing initiative in helping and teaching these refugees and I personally thank you. However I ask that we remained organized and informed so we can better work together in building our society.

As the house of Light and Lies currently has no Dominus I will try to act as one should and I thank you all ahead of time for your participation. For those of you who do not know our house is one focused on order and structure. I do not pretend to think we can do so without your help nor would I want to. My aim currently is to acquire information so that it might be spread to the houses or people that need it. What I am hoping for is that any refugees be at some point sent to one of the members of my house so that we might find out basic information about them such as what they are hoping to find here, whom they might be looking for or missing, what skills they are interested in or already know so they may be of help in the right areas. I not only ask this of them but of all of you already here.

I want to make this part clear. If anyone is uncomfortable with giving out information about themselves they are in no way required to or judged for not. All I am hoping to do is keep us as organized and structured as possible so that we can all work that much harder, be that much more supported, and flourish together.

Next gather I will be not only donating more funds to this cause but asking others around to as well. My plan with this is to either turn it over to the magistrate or deal with the houses/people myself to find out what they want or plan to do and how much they need to accomplish it.

Again I absolutely love what all of you are doing and I hope that you will help me help you. If anyone would like to discuss any of these matters with me or even just meet me as a person I highly encourage it and hope that you do. Thank you to whomever reads this for your time.

- Equitem Vanyal Anarion
To interject,

It seems to me like the coordination of these efforts might best fall with Equitem Sir Vanyel of House Light and Lies, and the rest of House Light and Lies. It seems that Light and Lies held the position of keeping Order and Structure. Perhaps, Sir Krieger, you and Equitem Sir Vanyel could coordinate something together?

Just a thought.



If I may interject, all living things must sleep. With sleep comes dreams, and with that comes this method of communication.

Perhaps battle plans, reconstruction efforts, and details on survivors of previous attacks should be kept out of places that known-and-unknown enemies do not have access to?

Speak to Vanyal. Send him a missive. Discuss matters in a venue where attendance is known and limited.

And stop dreaming about torture.



Trunk holds up his coloring book with a nearly ashamed look. The pictures are crude, but seem to lay out a crude map including all of the included features previously discussed. As he points to the farm plots and animal pens, he states quite clearly "Trunk work here, and here, as long as sun up."

When he realizes that he spoke out of turn, he goes back to twiddling the cord hanging from his neck, rocking back and forth like he was in someone else's arms, and continues to doodle.


Again if anyone would like to know what needs to be done or what else is going on between now and the next gather please let me know. A few of us secured a fortified place for some of the new refugees. I will not say where exactly here where others can listen but help is needed there for those who are willing to do so. Farms are also very important. I know Dab Flynt and Nye are both doing a lot of work with this and if you are interested they can use your help. Also with the large amount of people coming in I would love for people to screen them for illness or injury. If they DO happen to have something lets catch it early. Things I am currently finding a large need for:


I am sure there is more I am currently missing. If you are heading something I am not aware of please let me know. I have acquired quite a bit of funds for this effort but I need to know what people need to get their objectives done.

Thank you all,
Equitem Sir Vanyal Anarion of House Light and Lies


If you can produce as many mundane things as possible. We will need nails, farming tools, armor (we have plenty of weapons but no armor that I have seen), arrows, bolts, more arrows and bolts. I have those listed from most important to least. I am sure there is some I am missing but that should be enough to keep you busy. Let me know how much it will cost for supplies and such and it is yours.

-Equitem Sir Vanyal Anarion


Sir Vanyal I can do that and I can't ask for money. All I ask is spread the news a new blacksmith shop is open. I don't charge for things that aid us all. New friends and steady work is all I ask.

Fargal Farcliffs
Ayuni Arms and Gear


I have put out the call to old contacts from my days as a seed salesman, looking for acquire large quantities of seed for when the planting season arrives, I'm hoping for donations from my old friends, but coin may be required for the large quantity I have requested. The seed samples I have on hand, I am sending to Dab and to the farmers out near the desert.
Also, I will be aiding in helping direct refugees to trainers that best fit their occupational aptitude, so they may assist in the efforts.

Bhaskara J Santori


Thank you very much Bhaskara. I will make sure that you have the funds needed for seeds. Also thank you for working with Dab. It is good to be surprised by just how many know how to work a field. At this moment I honestly wish I could count myself among you. Also if you can also forward anyone to me if needed. I have quite a list of people who are willing and able to train.

-Equitem Sir Vanyal Anarion