But think about your example. Although it is true that fighters can't survive without casters especially healing ones the healing casters only really exist to facilitate the fighters so it goes both ways... Honestly I think its been said before but the game really is very team oriented. We don't have any "die hard" skills or the like such as you can find in D&D so that you can essentially totally take care of yourself. Once your incapacitated your totally helpless without a team in our game. :shock:
I understand what you are saying and have been in the same situation uncounted times as my fighter PC. I've done the fighter packet dodge dance often.

However, once a fighter gets in range or has caster backup, they can get in damage faster and more efficiently than anyone else. They have short verbals, close range and a very fast attack rate. Fighters can dish out tremendous amounts of damage over a very short period of time. Fighters certainly need protectives or casters and they they do have to strategically time their attacks. But fighters can generaly dish out more damage than any other class and faster and indefinitely. In theory rogues could dish out more, but in reality they usually can't get enough backs to compete with fighters on an all day basis.

Nothing is efficient as a good team though. I know I play differently if my team is with me. We've had battles where I got dropped but didn't even hit the ground before I was healed...over and over again. In those battles though, I just worry about attacking and not if someone will get me back up.

I think we're pretty much on the same page. I didn't say a fighter is the be all, end all. But they are certainly not underpowered in terms of dealing damage. And my comment was specifically aimed at fighters not being underpowered by having rocks+profs removed from the game.

Without uber magic items, the different classes really need each other a lot more.