The people vs. arcane armor


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I think this thread is doing a fantastic job of looking at the armor system without involving AA at all: viewtopic.php?f=214&t=16656


The point of the thread was to discuss AA vs armor =P, the other thread is purely discussing one proposal. Thus this has more wild ideas.
Also note I actually advocate the special effects being a new kind of enchantment on your armor, instead of just innate. Also advocate a mix of solutions including something like in that other thread, i.e. relaxing the material restrictions and such.

But I honestly don't think that's enough, though it is a good start. I like the idea of Armor specific enchantments that was introduced in a different thread. I think that would help raise the overall value of physical armor.


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I understand the differences between the threads, I just figured that people who are reading this one might want to peruse the other one since they are related.

Armor-specific enchants that add things like Weapon Guards would be incredible, personally. I love rocking my physical armor.


A.mungo said:
I'm just spit balling here but what about raising the material value as it stands now by 1 for each category with 1 being soft leather at a minimum (no 25 point tailored costumes). Raise the maximum armor to 50, and have wear extra armor be worth three points per purchase instead of one. Would this help without adding "junk" rules to the systems we currently have in place? (Junk rules is a reference to adding additional powers for the sake of upscaling a preexisting item and not a slight directed at anyone.)
The drawback here is it's more, bigger numbers.

We're already at the point of numberspam the likes of which such a system should never have to deal with.

Also, DR is nice but nobody should ever be invincible. Armor should never reduce damage below "target takes 1 damage", and be the last thing in line. Because invincible, heavily armored people mowing through hordes of low-level stuff is meh. Make it easier for less armor weight to hit the appropriate maximums, don't add larger maximums.


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as a lowbie, i decided i wanted to fit the archetype of a defender, ignoring the all out offense to guard others, and at the time i had some low amounts of physical armor (15 pts). when my plot heard this they supported the idea by having me get a defender transform that gave me 1 parry for every 2 physical armor pts past 12. this gave me reason to invest in physical armor, as with my current 35 pt suit ( cost me roughly 180 with chainmail, steel helm, and bracers) i got 12 wonderful parries to use. the balance for all that was only getting half my weapon prof's worth of damage(ie 1-2 = 1 pt extra, 3-4=2, etc) as they have started me down a path of heavy armor and becoming a wall, i wouldnt want to swap to arcane, even for the mobility. my case isnt applicable everywhere, clearly, but i thought this was a cool way to make it worth it(also makes me a very good backpack to high damage berzerkers, "parry parry parry parry just keep swinging") making a low level fighter able to role with the big tough pcs. Ive since gotten 1 spell parry which is always soooooooo satisfying(I grant you the gift of death! "spell parry no effect" oh ok... *cue big bad frowny face*). i think you should give a bonus to physical armor, not penalize arcane armor.
So I like the idea of physical armor providing protections that AA do not.

Here is what I am thinking-

- remove the waylay immunity provided by Arcane Armor (if you want that wear a helmet)

- have physical armor grant 1 evade/per 10 points of armor (rounded down). These evades return when the armor is refitted. I myself would STILL not wear 30 points of physical armor for a renewable 3 evades, but I like what it does.

- ALSO have evades renewable with a 1 minute count (stretch break). This is done so armor evades are not JUST BETTER.

Can someone make me a WORST CASE SCENARIO for this? How many evades can people get at what armor points and build expenditures?

I see this idea as make physical armor better so that AA gets worse. That and AA guys with helmets for waylay protection. And helmets (on the right people) look pretty darn cool.

Get back at me.


Why not just give Armor a Guard effect equivalent to what you can block with an Evade? So it HAS to be used for the first X hits that qualify. Evade would still be better (because you can Evade the 41 Death swing instead of the 1 cure mortal wounds call) but it would be a benefit to armor, and almost guarntee armor was of some use in any fight.


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I kicked around the idea of giving physical armor one use of calling "reduced" to take half damage for every full 10 points. It takes advantage of an existing effect (no new rules), gives physical armor something special, and doesn't step on any other ability's toes (evade/parry.)

Details to sort out:

Can only be used on base weapon swings | Can be used on any numeric damage (Slays/Assassinates)

Abilities are recharged when refit | Abilities can be recharged with a refit using some production consumable | Abilities are recharged at logistics | Abilities can be recharged at logistics using some production consumable.

Some of that should go hand in hand - if you can reduce a Slay/Assassinate, it probably should only have a per-logistics recharge. And I think most people are in favor of adding some kind of blacksmithing consumable to boost the usefulness of more than 1 rank in that skill.

In any case, the ability cannot be used while the armor is breached but any unused "charges" become available once the armor is refit. And it can be used on the swing that would otherwise breach the armor.