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    Caravan of Wonder auction

    :( It's to bad that I wont be around for the auction, because I will love to own the Dwarven Striker. Harlock
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    I need passage to Landfall

    I am looking for a ship from Stilrun to Landfall. I need to reach The Chakar Mountains before the 21st. If any one can help me, I would appreciate it. :) Harlock
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    Fighter practice in Corvallis, plot submissions

    I'm in for a fighter practice. Kevin
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    Alliance-folk Holiday Party

    Thank you for opening your house for the party. Good food and great friends. I had a great time. Kevin
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    Alliance-folk Holiday Party

    I'm in. Kevin
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    I need your help.

    I am on the team that is revamping the national Alliance web site and I need you help. I am needing your input on what should be changed and what you would like to see on it. :idea: Please post your suggestions. :arrow: If anyone who would like to help with it, please let me know. We could...
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    Old pictures

    I was going through some of my photos and found some LARP pictures from about 8 years ago. I posted them on Photobucket. Enjoy! Kevin
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    Brooks or Sheppard?

    The vote works!
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    Upcoming Game Day and Weekend Event

    I have a question about the upcoming game day. Is there going to be a level cap?
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    Fighter practices in Corvallis

    I am interested.
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    Game Days???

    Is there going to be any game days between now and the event in August? Kevin
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    Late Summer 3-day?

    I hope I can attend, but I might be house sitting that week. If I am able to attend, I can wait to see you Jeff. Kevin
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    Weekend event April 30th, May 1st, and 2nd

    I might come on Saturday to npc for a while, depending on how much home work I have to do.
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    I haven't found one decent picture of my toon yet. I know there were several pictures taken of him.
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    Accident update

    I hope that he feels better and heals fast. As someone who has gone through a few broken bones, they hurt. Good luck!!