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    YAOOTAMESQ* (yet another Oak Of the Archmage, Enhanced Source Question)

    Hello! I'm Daniel, member of ARC. After discussing this with the rest of ARC, we have answers. 1. Yes, once you purchase Oak of The Archmage, you are able to use the staff as a source. From your example, when you purchase Oak of The Archmage stone, each staff you pick up may be used as a...
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    XR LCO Item Policy

    Crossroads accepts all standard effect LCO items from any Alliance LARP chapter. These only include magic items. Crossroads will not accept any LCO items with non-standard effects. If you have any questions about our policy, please contact a staff member for further information.
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    Limbo in the Wyldes

    So what is happening in the Wyldes? Well, everyone is in a limbo state. Daji has done something unexplainable. There are those who are experiencing an alter reality and there are those just in darkness. Which one are you? What you experience, is it important or are you living out your greatest...
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    2.0 Magic Item Conversion Guide

    2.0 Magic Item Conversion Guide The following is a guide on how to convert your Magic Items from 1.3 to 2.0 To get started you will want to make a copy of this converter to your drive. The...
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    How does Spell Swap actually work?

    Thanks guys, I think you have all cleared up my questions.
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    How does Spell Swap actually work?

    Hey guys, I was hoping to get some clarification on Spell Swap. I know the ritual has to be on a spell book, but can the ritual batch be Earth aspect on a celestial book and allow a celestial scholar spell swap his/her spells? Which brings me to another question, can a book contain both Earth...
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    Preregistration Guide

    This is a guide on how to prereg. PCs and NPCs will use the CMA to register for the event. If have not yet log onto the CMA, please contact your logistics first to set up your account. Step 1 (PCs): Pay the game dues at Step 2 (PCs): Set up your character on...
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    Goblin Stamp and Donation Policies

    Standard Rates All donation receipts can be sent to Cash Donations: 5GS/$1 General Donations - All General Donations should be pre-approved to maximize goblin stamp compensation. See Donations list on the website and contact GM...
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    Pre-reg for August event

    Hey, can my group snag one of the 4 person cabins. Its Frank Green, Skylar Perkins (Guest of Frank Green), Colby Lingerfelt, and me (Daniel Perez)
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    October Ball

    Hey, so I was curious how fancy this ball is suppose to be. Should my crew and I be all elegant or is it going to be laid back and just wear our normal garbs?