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    Interesting times

    You people run a fun and interesting battle, I think I may stay a while. I definately need to learn more about the threats you face so that I can bring my unique talents to bear on your behalf. Anybody who wants to answer thousands of questions while I participate in a "rad" adventure should say...
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    Centralized Local Race Packets

    My biggest, and probably only, argument against your proposal from a new player perspective is this: -A new player comes in, wants to play a Dark Elf based on the Rulebook racial overview, and their nearest chapter is X. -They go to the boards and look up the race packets, which now include...
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    Centralized Local Race Packets

    During the Nine Towers experiment we posted all of our race packets online, but they did not include "racial secrets," just the things that Joe Hobling the Nondescript would know. Most of the races had extra stuff that maybe not even all of the members of that race were privy to, but if a player...
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    To those under the heel of fae or dragonkind, an offer of freedom.

    I'll make the same offer, but I'm not a vampire. All the freedom, none of the gross undeadness. -Dorgun
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    August Event Favourites

    Trap mods you say? Hmm....
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    In Memory of Dame Kailani

    An end worthy of a song. Dorgun
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    Recovery Efforts

    Don't waste effort on the Vakkaran Isles, they were razed and abandoned several years ago. -Dorgun
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    LARP Question Tuesday: Between a rock and a hard place

    I had something eerily similar happen to me. I'm not silly enough to be a knight though.
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    Larp Question Tuesday: Music!

    Dorgun: (shocking)
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    Marshal status inquiry

    The way it used to work was you had your owner tell the board admin to give you posting privileges. Just noticed I can't post there either. Weird.
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    Necali Is Dead

    Why are we screaming for the world to hear news that, while joyful, is not of interest to the peasants and workers of all of Fortannis? -Dorgun
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    LARP Question Tuesday: Character Quirks!

    My main Dorgun is honest to the point of suicidal boastfulness. Anything he does, good or bad, he'll tell you (or the local newspaper). Be it saving a bunch of kids from slavers or sabotaging the only hope of saving the lives of some Mystic Wood Elf racial elders (good guys). He'll tell you he...
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    IG: A voice echoes across the mists

    Catchy, needs lute and drums. -Dorgun
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    IG: A voice echoes across the mists

    What's wrong with a little silence? I would, myself, love to be able to sleep with a bit of silence. Without all of the creepy voices in my head. I get enough of that when I'm awake and don't wear my gloves. -Dorgun
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    Computer game thread

    Wasteland 2. It's by the writer of the original Fallout and is done in the style of Fallout 1-2. Turn based squad combat with a really good story and a big world. Pretty linear at first (big radiation clouds keep you in the starting area until you know the game) but then it opens up in a big way.