John Finnegan - The Best of Us All - Rest in Peace

I had another dream about him recently. Many of the Alliance HQ attendee's from my first few years were present too. We were all sitting in the middle of the big field at Lindenmere on a gargantuan picnic blanket eating and talking and having fun. He was sitting with his back against one of the pine trees that line the field, with Colleen sitting between his legs, leaning back into his chest. His left arm was casually laying across her waist. Everyone was relaxed and at ease and he had this aura of contentment to him that seemed to pull everyone closer and closer to him until we all were eventually sitting in a large gaggle at the same tree.
People spoke, but no words could be heard. Just this feeling of peace and friendship and contentment. I still miss him. But I try to bring my "A Game" with me at all times now, in real life and in my creative arts to try to help fill the gap that he created for us to inherit from him.
I just wanted to add something here, as the unfortunate anniversary of John's passing approaches. It has been almost a year now without John...And I still think about the loss of such a terrific person to the world. He will always remain a friend in my heart despite the fact that we had not spoken for several years prior to his passing. I hope people still read this from time to time as I do, to help remind us of the joys that John brought to our lives. I am sure anyone who know him will always have fond memories of this wonderful, caring and loving man. My heart still goes out to all of you who knew John and loved him as I did. We all are the better for knowing him. God Bless You All and Keep You Strong.

Michael Manning
Fearless Leader said:
OK I don't believe in the supernatural, but I swear, whenever I look at that picture of John in the new Rule Book on my Pagemaker screen, it has a strange pinkish glow to it that none of the other black and white pictures have...

That's The radiance of compassion, love, respect, and quality that is John T Finnegan. It will shine on forever in everyone who has had the opportunity to know John. In this, I am honored to have known John, His light will always shine!

I've started typing and then erased this post at least five times. I guess all I have to say is that it doesn't feel like a year.

I still miss you buddy; and I hope you're doing well, wherever you are.


thinking of you. You are sorely missed my friend.

Wow 1 year. I remember walking into the bar that night to play poker and my brother telling me the news. A rush of emotions and memories filled my head. Next I thought about Colleen and how she must feel. Should I call her, should I leave her to grieve with her close family, was I even supposed to know about it?

I played in that poker game that night, I wasn't even thinking about the game, lost with in 5 mins and blew up at the guy and the owner (and the owner was a good friend). The whole ride home I was thinking the same thoughts. My ride home was very silent even with the radio on. The noise was muffled, kind of like being underwater. I couldn't stop crying when I got home.

Lets raise a glass to everyone's NERO HERO. JTF....I miss ya too buddy. See ya soon.
We'll always miss you John.
Colleen and Patrick -- I'm thinking of you a lot today. I love you both so much and I hope you got some support today. If you took out today's frustration or despair on any innocent bystanders, I hereby use my awesome powers to grant you universal forgiveness. Screw the innocent bystanders. They don't know how good they have it. (I'm not having a very mild-mannered day myself, as you can see.) Anyway, this post is stupid but I still love you. So, well, there.

Yet another year where you and I won't be talking plot or attending events together. I miss you, buddy.
Justin Doheny has been after me for awhile to come to an Ohio event so Renee and I decided to go this past weekend to see him and be able to attend Parduc's spirit farewell. Justin had really wanted to run a module that John had written. It's a really cool module that Tonya, John and I have been running for years. Players are always asked to keep it a secret both in game and out because we always wanted to let as many people as possible go on it. I'm not sure but I'd say it's probably about 10 years old now and it's incredible how awesome people have been about not spreading it around.

Well, this weekend we ran it for the first time since John and I wasn't sure if I could do it but am happy to say that I did. Justin did an amazing job in John's role and I was very proud of that. Tonya was wonderful as always and the players seemed to really enjoy it. We're hoping that we could someday have some other owners go on the module and then if they like it, feel free to use it in their game from time to time.

Thank you Justin and Tonya for bringing it back. It means a lot to me.
Jezebel said:
I went on that mod a few years ago in NJ. I have to say, best Mod ever. I do hope it is continued.

Jen, did I got on it as the same time as you? It was a brilliant mod and really fun experience. High calibur roleplay and wonderful people!

I'm glad you got to bring that to some new people Colleen, that's awesome!

<3 <3 <3

Justin Coggin
I'd like to mention one of the greatest quotes from a movie which seems to fit oh so perfectly to this thread.

"Heros may get famous, but legends never die."

So long as we remember those who have gone through telling stories and re3membering a time with them, they will never be forgotten.

I had a dream about John last night.

Well, it wasn't really about John. It was about running an event. Instead of dreaming about playing, I have dreams about running events, dealing with camps, and so on. In this dream, we were setting up an NPC encounter and John was there leading it and getting it all set up. This went on for a while, and then I said (in my dream) "Wait a minute! You're not supposed to be here!" and I started crying (in my dream) which woke me up.

I had trouble getting back to sleep.
I finally watched the complete series of Babylon 5 -- the last thing John ever gave me -- and he always tried to get me to watch it. I never did until after John's death. I loved the show. I regret that I never got to share it with him.
Whenever I review the Jersey plot document I can hear Johns commentary in my head. Usually its him laughing at the bizzare things someone wrote, or the "unacceptable how will pcs have fun in this encounter, we should be doing xyz".

Whenever I make the edits I feel like hes still there, sharing his wisdom and guidance with me. I really feel blessed to have been able to work with him for so many years and be his friend. I dont think Ill ever stop missing him, and I hope I never stop hearing his voice in my heard often remarking on this plot idea, or tweak that writeup ever so slightly to make it more epic.

- Jersey
It's a true tribute to his memory that 1yr+ after his unfortunate passing, we're still comming up with new and inspiring stuff to say/remember about the big guy. We all miss ya, man. Game on, game on.....
One of the last signifcant things John said to me, two weeks before his was after the suprise birthday party we had thrown him, John was helping dump the trash. He was really on high note then, having been surprised by many of his dear friends. He smiled and said to me, "If a man is judged by the quality of his friends, then I am, indeed, a man of quality."

He really loved his friends.

The last thing he ever said to me, a week before his death and the last time I would ever see him alive, was, "I miss you, pal."

Whenever I think of those final words, tears still come to my eyes.
Von Raven said:
. He smiled and said to me, "If a man is judged by the quality of his friends, then I am, indeed, a man of quality."

He really loved his friends.

I don't think I've ever met anyone of higher quality (or even coming close).

I rearranged my office today and consequently now get to directly face my bulletin board of pictures. Thes are all things that inspire me, along with some drawings and quotes. It dawns on me now that the only pictures that I have on there are ones with my kids and John. Seems fitting.