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    Cinderfel Online World Updates

    Cinderfel Update 9! Last week in Mournstead, a group led by Squire Duorn, Lord Heresy and Lady Ukzwe were seen heading towards Crossroads with the presence of the Dark Fae Queen. They were seen talking to a large Golden Gryphon who seemed to vanish. Then they walked into the Echosis Forest...
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    Cinderfel Online World Updates

    Update #8 There has been a lot of visitors and activity lately in Mournstead. There have been visits by Lord Heresy and Lady Ukzwe, they were seen with a group of their rangers. A few groups have been seen setting out and tracking something of import. While in the woods in front of the tavern...
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    Cinderfel Online World Updates

    Update 7 The area of Mournstead is silent currently, the shadows become very aggressive in the evenings and there are rumors of shadowy Kikari roaming the deep parts of the Calliway Forest. The light house is a bright burning beacon on the dark nights that gives much comfort to...
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    Cinderfel Online World Updates

    Cinderfel Update 5 The shadows in Calliway Forest (Lighthouse, Mournstead, Camp Rowan, Camp Alder, Shadefell, Draketail, and down to Camp Willow) have become hostile starting at dusk. They are seen attacking all creatures, even farm animals. They kill it and leave the bodies behind. The shadows...
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    Cinderfel Online World Updates

    Update 4 [ 4th week of May 1st week of June] Cinderfel City is in full swing for the summer celebration. There is a three day celebration at the Main Gate and the city is lit up with thousands of candles and flowers at the end of the week. The Kikari skirmishes are quite forceful lately...
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    Cinderfel Online World Updates

    Update 3 [May 2nd and 3rd week] Cinderfel City has begun to prep for a celebration of Summer in a few weeks. There are lots of wagons traveling back and forth from Port Royal, bringing in new wares for the open market in the city. The Kikari have begun to change their tactics and they start...
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    Cinderfel Online World Updates

    Cinderfel World Update 2 3rd week of Rendor [April] to 1st week of [Nymh] 05.12.20 With the snow finally melting away from the Wetiko Teeth down to the Blood Gravel Mountains, the warm spring air begins to bring green sprouts and the trees bud. In Mournstead you can go crazy...
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    Cinderfel Online World Updates

    MARCH In the month of Drav [March] it was quiet in the beginning. The wagons of the Selunari trudging through the snows in the northern part and the cool humidity of the jungles in the south keeping the farmlands in Domari Plains wet enough to produce enough grains and such to keep shipping...
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    Cinderfel Online Welcome

    Welcome to Cinderfel Interactive! First I have a couple of rules, there currently is no XP, no physical treasure that can be or will be handed out at this current time. (There may be pay for xp, possible treasure in future). I will be posting weekly about the state of the world and options in...
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    Fair Day Chaos, The Fairy Flowers and after event effects

    Due to the Chaos of Fair Day, I didn't get a chance to write those that were affected. So I am posting the dream you have here. You can reply here, Email, or PM me. March 14th, Fair Day Plot, After everyone got back to the ship and Rigg’s set sail for Black Heart Bay in...
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    Eruption of Finna Harta Volcano and Mount Mithron Volcano

    Upon 14th of Drav (March) which fell on a Sev (Saturday), exactly at 4 afternoon bells, it was reported that Finna Harta, the dormant volcano on the lower half of Unmei and Mount Mithron, the dormant volcano on the upper half of Unmei both exploded and sent ashes and cinders miles into the air...
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    Fair day march 14 2020

    Fair day will have some optional combat for those interested.
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    Summons from High Elementalist of island of Tylwaer

    (Letters have been handed out and posted all across the island) Attention all Mistwalkers, It is with great honor we welcome you to join us on the Great Island of Tylwaer. The High Elementalist Elengar of the Nixee Spires, would like to host a gathering at the Tarnished Tankard. Just to the...
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    Cinderfel Winter IBGAs

    Greetings, fair adventurers! The end of the season has been reached, and we want to hear what you are up to over the winter! Submissions are due by Dec. 31 at midnight. Since Alliance NH has two campaigns, we expect many of you have things to accomplish in both Videa and Cinderfel. Please...
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    August 9-11 "A Light in the Distance" Favorite Moments

    Wow, this is was quite a weekend. I don't know how we managed to fit all that into 3 days. 1. Honking Clams. 2. Sam-a-saurus Rex 3. Alex in the last wave battle with nothing but a silver cup to defend himself with. 4. Gigi & the Gigi's Animal Rescue. 5. Murder Elf. 6. Reading the oracle's chart...