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    March 2020 favorite moments

    Greetings all! After the long hiatus from Alliance, I have to admit that I had a blast being back! lets see what I can do do remember and do justice to the interactions I had! Friday evening I volunteered, since I was basically day tripping Saturday, and Sunday I also was NPCing. Started the...
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    Nationals 2018 favorite moments

    Alrighty. Been busy so sorry for the late post here. I had a good time playing Nevrin Moore, Ravenkyn archer and mate to the white Goatkyn Alura. Im normally on plot for Denver so I dont normally get to be in with the PC's. Definitly a change. Had a lot of fun though :-) And now for my...
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    Rewards of Fortannis

    Good to know. Thanks for the information and prompt response!
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    Rewards of Fortannis

    Will these be usable at Nationals?
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    Rewards of Fortannis

    With the avenger, is that a can swing earth blade at will? For the duration of the logistics period?
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    April Menu and Meal Plan going forward (Important note for NPC's)

    For those who may have dietary restrictions, how did they contact you to see what options there maybe? I'm going to put it on the floor
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    Maelstrom DT 2018 Opener

    Greetings! I usually work in the Denver Chapter and was wanti g to make it out to Maelstrom. So I was wondering if you had the dates for when Malestrom will play in 2018? So I can make plans that need to be made. :-) Thanks in advance! Miguel
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    December Event Feedback/Best Moments

    Hey everyone! I had a blast at game last weekend! It is a very beautiful site! I liked how there were lots of different terrains. Although, the rocks they use as roads are a bit hard on on the ankles. I admit to feeling a little over powered as well, then plot decided to crank it up to...
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    October 17 favored moments!

    Hello everyone! Now that the october event with the Tiatar masquerade is done please share some of your favored moments! Be it role play, combat or favored scene you saw amd are able to share please let everyone know! Ps. For feedback and ibga's there is a pinned post at the top of the OOG...
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    Favorite moments

    Hey all! Miguel known as Nevrin the Ravenkyn aka Deathbird! I was traveling with Alura the Goatkyn :-) Had a blast out your way! Really enjoyed getting to PC for once. :-) Now on to some favored moments! Dealing with Flame type creatures. Finding out that arrows work pretty well to keep them...
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    September 17 favorite moments!

    Oh! Forgot 2 things! For those who know, "I Lenny! I hit things! I smart one!" And during the loremasters mod being the mimic :-)
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    September 17 favorite moments!

    A few favorite moments. Comming in as Brandon Tiberion on Friday evening to hobnob and make sure people know I am in town and plan on rewarding entertainment. Then having to gass down a pack of wereratas who happened to hit the same cabin as I was visiting. Felt sorry for those NPC's but glad...
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    September 17 favorite moments!

    Hey all! As we just finished up the latest event please share some favorite moments you had from game! Would love to hear what you enjoyed! I will get mine out when I have some brain cells to rub together again :-)
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    August 17 favored moments!

    Hello everyone! Once again asking for your favorite moments! Let us know what you enjoyed and how it went down if you're able to share. ^_^
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    August Donation List!

    I have a couple of coolers I should be able to bring. Depends on if I am giving rides or not. So I will check back and reconfirm Wed before game