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    The Passing of a Hero of Fortannis

    ...Zehnyu, Ghost, from the first day we met, I knew you were a sister. We saw each other for who we really were. From the fields we shared, to the pains we survived, I dragged you back from the crying men, but there was already so much sadness in you. Yet you stayed on even after that, from...
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    Maelstrom Closer

    As you arrive at site there will be a cluster of buildings marked with LED candles & sign for PC-Landia. There is a second set of buildings farther away. These are NOT for pc's, and will be used for encounters. If you have a few moments to help with setup, please come, and check in at...
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    Day of Days

    ((The Empress' Voice)) “My friends, we approach a day of days, a reckoning towards which we have been working for many long years now. We have toiled, starved, thirsted, and spilled much blood together. We have braved horrors both of, and alien to this world. I have had the great pleasure, and...
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    Enerret Epilogue Oct 18-20 -- Site Information, Pre-Reg and More

    Will arrive Saturday before noon.
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    Maelstrom Tavern Night June 22nd

    Official Forum Stuff?! Crazy talk ...Alrighty if you are looking to liberate larp gear, and take it for yourself, and or help with setup you are welcome anytime after 3pm. If you show up before 3pm I will be grumpy, and you will be put to work. If you show up after 3pm but before 5pm I will...
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    Maelstrom RSVP

    What is the RSVP? Well besides being something that was tried, and abandoned some time ago, it is now being brought back as we approach the last 3/4’s of Maelstroms closing season. As we are no longer accepting downtimes due to real life issues, we still need a way for you the players to...
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    Maelstrom Announcement

    Hey hey everyone! Enerret is coming up fast, but here is a quick bit for Maelstrom. We are making a few changes for the rest of the campaign, and things are going to get busier. Here are a couple of announcements and they sort of all feed into each other, so please read through to the end...
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    3/15/19 DT Responses

    Hey Everyone! Thank you for your patience in awaiting your DT responses for this upcoming event. I want to thank my staff for really stepping up, and taking a lot of weight off of my shoulders for this event. As some of you can imagine crafting all of these responses is a daunting task, and it...
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    Hey, hey everybody! Time for a serious check in. This last weekend overnight event was wonderful! What a fantastic and beautiful site our dedicated, and hardworking management staff have managed to book for us. The camp is light years beyond what we have endured for the last 18 months in so...
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    Maelstrom, plz read.

    Hello everyone, and Happy New Year, and welcome to our 2019 Season. An important announcement for you all, please read. All good stories have an end. And to that, my time in this tale draws to a close. 2019 will be my last season as the Director of the Maelstrom Campaign. I want to thank...
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    1/5/19 Tavern Night/Workshop(s)

    Captnb, please feel free to pc. Would love to have you there.
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    1/5/19 Tavern Night/Workshop(s)

    Already part of the plan. both options are dairy free.
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    1/5/19 Tavern Night/Workshop(s)

    Good question. Currently it is an extremely mist-travelling-friendly underground abode, somewhere in Maelstrom.
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    1/5/19 Tavern Night/Workshop(s)

    Hey Everyone! 2018 has come to a close, and we want to thank you everyone for sticking through a tough year between issues on/off camera, site issues, injuries, and California being generally on fire. And for many it feels as though we were robbed of our season closers. To that end we have...
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    Winter Tavern Nights/Workshops - Dec 29-30 and Jan 5-6

    One small note, The Tavern Night for Maelstrom should be listed as on the 29th of December aka the Saturday Night