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    if you can .zip or .rar them you can send them to my email: OR if there are too many to do that with email me and we'll work something out. :) Include all your relevant contact data cause i'ma gonna submit to Christina for people who donate Pictures...
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    Since we were so short on NPCs we have intermittent pics- but everyone should be in there somewhere. :) I'm working on them right now (resizing and cutting duplicates, etc) and including a few from the last Ohio event which deal with the creation of the Dracolich as well as some of the "steps to...
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    On the list of To Do Soon. How Soon? Well you'll just have to wait patiently to find out lol... :)
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    Monster Camp Mayhem

    There was an NPC sign in list filled out and taped to the main MD table like the Mod Sheet was. Somehow, however, it was peeled up and removed before the end of the event and is, presumably, within the piles of Logistics/Monster Desk stuff we are still unpacking. Such is the nature of these...
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    From Ohio (and Scott) with Love...

    I just wanted to post on behalf of Ohio and myself to thank everyone who came out and helped out with this national event. To the National Staff - thanks for all the work before and especially during this event. Matt Byers, Brian Bender and everyone else in Monster Camp, who helped out as...
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    Scedual times

    The event times (subject to announcements): Friday- the site will be open from 10am on (if you are coming earlier PM me). Game on will be a "soft start" between 9-10 depending on how quickly PCs get through Logistics. Our normal logistics times will open 6-7 (we will announce it) and Log...
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    Also bring guys: Bug Spray Sun Screen some sort of Out of Game lantern (in case you need to travel after dark OOG for bathroom or whatnot) Baby Wipes or something for "spot treatments" There are bugs. It does get Dark but the Sun should be out a lot. Don't want a lot of "larper tans". And you...
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    3G coverage

    I had cell signal and was able to access El Interneto while on Site for my tour- on Sprint. No idea about Verizon ...sorry. :)
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    Airport Pickup

    Just to make sure I have everyone the current list is: Seth Bird Carmen Swift The "need ride" didn't seem to work on everyone's Form-- if you checked it and don't see your name above PLEASE PM me so I can update the list. Give me your email and cell # as well if you don't mind (even those on...
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    Vendors are always welcome- the Dragon Hoard guys will be bringing a huge selection and a tent of their own- perhaps we can get a table or picnic table for your stuff moved near those and you can sell yourself or hire other PCs to do it for you (IG perhaps?). Just thoughts. :)
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    Food at the Event -- Read if you are eatin'!!

    Ok here is the menu Our Glorious Master, Lord of All He Surveys (If It Is Alliance Ohio) Mike W hath come up with. I'mma posting this to get a rough idea of who is leaning towards what so we get more than enough of each without having to bring home a months worth of food ourselves (if we...
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    Site question

    Not on site but it is near water and that is down the road like a few miles... if you're willing to leave site. However there are showers and all campsites/cabins have outdoor faucets which are about 2-3 feet off the ground-- I thought about sitting under one lol :)
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    Cabins, Tent Grounds and You

    I've received requests through PMs, emails and as notes on the pre-regs. If I missed your request 1) I didn't mean to 2) I'm sorry 3) Please email me at ASAP So I can try to work out what to do with you!
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    Cabins, Tent Grounds and You

    The following Groups have Cabins (and which cabin and the size of the group): Group ID w/cool nickname - Leader - #PCs -- Cabin (updated for 8/27/10) Group 1 - "Team Gulla Gulla" - Bryan Gregory - 4 in Duryee (2 Groups) Group 2 - "Team Back-and-Left" - Josh Clark - 3 in Jamboree (2 Groups)...
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    Cabin and Tent Site Reservations

    Under Construction, in this case, means when I popped my head in they had drywall up and a table full of tools and a toilet sitting in the area but not installed yet. So worst case we move stuff into the bathroom area and cover it with a nice tarp and forget its their- best case we do some...