The Rules of Adventuring.


124. Resist the temptation to tell the Big Bad that you stole something of theirs, as it seldom ends well.


Jezebel said:
123. NEVER kill a baby in a bone golem. It will have a pissed off Daddy. (omit rule 123 if you want to hear the phrase "Who puts a baby in a bone golem?")
That's a great idea for a pram, actually.


HQ Staff
125. The really weird stuff always seems to attack at 3am on Saturday nights.

126. If any long-lost relatives come to you seeking help: immediately stab them in the throat, it's faster than walking into the deathtrap they've prepared and hunting them down later.

127. Cause Disease is the only necromantic spell worth casting, especially when the mob is catching up.

128. Barbarians turn into candy if you Prison them and throw them in a Ward. Go on, try it!


Asheville Staff
130. Never ever ever trust a NPC carrying gas globes. If they haven't done anything wrong yet they are just biding their time.

131. for some reason there is almost always at least one naive goblin roaming around with treasure bright and early sunday morning.

132. Bacon is good.

133. More Bacon is better.

134. Free Bacon is best.


135. If you didn't see it prepared it's really hard to tell the difference between people bacon and pig bacon. Ignorance of the ingredients, though, will not protect you from being posessed by Wendigo.


136. If you could deal enough damage to kill it with a spell, you probably could have killed it with a lower-level one that didn't deal any- and a small weapon. Pin. Shatter. 1 Normal 1 Normal 1 Normal 1 Normal...

136a) NPC's subjected to this should be allowed to die of embarassment before running out of health.

137. You really only have half the spell column you think you do. The other half are really spells that only make your opponent go "Spellshield", "Bane", "Cloak"....


138. Once you speak the words of power Mr. Energy Vortex is no longer your friend. Or anyone's friend, for that matter.

139. 10 minute spell durations last 8 minutes. 10 minute casting times take 15.

140. Throw the potion, not the cork.
141. If you see a big monster in the tavern and no one else is attacking it, do not attack it. It will just end badly.

142. If the entire town is running away from something, then that is the universal signal for "no, you in fact, cannot deal with this guy."
146. When creating your epic magic weapon of doom, also make sure you wake the marshal up after five minutes into the first ritual or you'll be casting it for the next 45 while he catchs a nap.

147. Either that or wait and dont try to make your epic weapon of doom at 6am on a Saturday. (Sorry Matt :( )


148. Never underestimate your low level PCs. They'll surprise you. Like shoving your big bad in a ditch until she perms.

149. Make sure to leave all necromantic items behind if you're the only non-elf on the mod.

150. And the 150th rule to Adventuring? Never bring a hungry hobling to a kobold dungeon full of food traps. Unless you have multiple prisons handy.


HQ Staff
151. Prisons are where most Hoblings can be found.


152. What happens in the Contested Lands stays in the Contested Lands.
153. The Deadlands is not, in fact, a vacation resort for elves and ogres.