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    Thank you for the Kind Welcome

    As a representative of House Heart, I just want to thank the Town for being so welcoming to myself and Oak. We are glad to have a new member amongst, Ren Purple Heart, and are looking forward to working with you all in the future! I apologize for any issues that I created this weekend and will...
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    Alliance Raleigh Initial Fund Raiser

    Yes! Our fundraiser is still running!
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    The Virtue System

    Overview Nobility in HearthGlen is handled by a unique method using tokens of Virtue. These tokens are granted when a person accomplishes or performs deeds that fulfill one of 16 different virtues. These virtues are granted by the principle upon which the virtue is based and additionally...
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    Page Policy

    Alliance Raleigh recognizes that LARPing is a very physical activity and there will be times where a player cannot safely participate in our combat systems due to injury, age, or other concerns. To address this and allow players to continue to interact with the people and the stories of...
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    Mist Touched Mental Health Policy

    Alliance Raleigh recognizes that LARPing can be intense at times, physically and emotionally. It’s important to always ensure that our players can play safely and comfortably at all times. With this in mind we have implemented the below policy. Mist Touched Some people within Hearthglen have...
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    Welcome to Alliance Raleigh!

    We are so excited to invite you to join us as we work to create and play in the world of HearthGlen! Creating a chapter together has been something Dave and I have been talking about on and off for a few years now. We’re looking forward to meeting local players, filling out our staff team, and...
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    Silvered Weapons roll call!

    I don't believe I have a silvered weapon, but I'd be happy to purchase a silvered short sword from a blacksmith in town. ~Keladry
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    Research opportunities

    Auryn, I’m curious how your discussions with the Aristocrats guild went and about how your search to find a location for tea house went. I had very little success when attempting to find land the adventurers would be allowed to use for such purposes. ~Keladry
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    Event Favorites - May Season Opener

    This weekend was awesome! I can't wait for the next event! Some of my favorites include: -Juice Box Time -Seeing Locke for the first time in literal years. I felt proud that she was proud of how far I'd come. -Realizing my words have my power then they used to. -Getting on the same page as...
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    Baked Goodies!

    That sounds delicious! If you have gluten free options, I have coin! ~Keladry
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    Getting to know you

    My name is Keladry. What do I do? - I'm an archer, mostly. While I am quite capable of wounding in an enemy with any weapon you put in my hand, I'm most skilled with my bow from an efficiency and tactics stand point. Am I a dirty command user like Roff? - I used to have a magic item that had...
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    IBGA and other Announcement

    What email would you like us to use when telling you our character’s plans? Jessica
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    Yeah that is confusing especially with all the changes the effect has gone through during the different play tests. Jessica
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    Conjurin' sumtin special

    Oh, ok! But if you're having trouble locating the ones you do have, it's still an option! ~Keladry
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    Conjurin' sumtin special

    Oh, you guys need a unicorn? I have a summon magical creature ritual scroll lying around, if anyone wants it! ~Keladry