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    Reed/Spore Dryads

    Hi! I'm Paul. I play a Spore out in Oregon and Seattle. For costuming, I decided that similar to how other dryads need "inspiration" from plant life, but not a specific kind of plant, so too would Poxy take inspiration from fungus. I decided to start with a green underlayer, then put a canvas...
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    Spoils of War

    After discussing with the Legion, I have decided to cede my claim to the mace. Please distribute it to whoever will find it most useful. -Poxy
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    Spoils of War

    I will speak up in the desire to have the Stone Mace, if no one else is desperate for it. As I am one of the few who actively wields blunt weapons, it seems like I'd be in a position to use it. If possible, have it sent to Andar under the care of Prashka. I have elementals to hunt. Also, Sir...
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    March Event Role Call

    Paul and Katrina A-Okay.
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    Favorite moments/things of Oregeon October Event

    - Landfall was amazing. Getting to storm the beaches was a huge in character moment that I really liked. I was really surprised by the fact that we were fighting something living, for once. - The dejected look on the poor NPCs face when I hit her with a "shatter globes" was so sad! That's okay...
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    Audition Day - faire day

    Ah, crap. I will have to duck out at 4 to run my playtest for Beyond the Aether. Drat. Well, if Poxy winds up missing out on Phat Lootz and plot, I guess that's the price I pay.
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    Audition Day - faire day

    I'm in.
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    Upcoming Game Day and Weekend Event

    This Just In: After the Oregon gameday is finished, I will be running the first Beyond the Aether playtest. Anyone who sticks around will get to see the first edition of the playtest rulebook, try out various character ideas and combinations, and maybe even do a little sparring with creatures...
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    3 Day High Points

    Poxy's Blood Resurrection and Special Phobia Fun Time! Best part of that was the looks I got from various people, wandering around with my mouth stained with blood. Getting to creep a whole bunch of people out, while simultaneously being incredibly useful and combat effective. Winding up as...
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    Upcoming Game Day and Weekend Event

    I'll be at both. Playing Poxy, as is now usual.
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    Late Summer 3-day?

    Ah, sorry, my mistake. Thought this was going to be a Silver Falls game. Well, that makes this whole thing much easier! I shall plan accordingly. Thanks, Paul
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    Late Summer 3-day?

    For those of us who haven't been to Silver Falls in a while, could we get answers to the following questions: 1. At the PC cabins, is there a. heat, b. light, c. electrical outlets, d. all of the above, or e. none of the above? 2. What kind of kitchen facility do we have, and what is Oregon's...
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    Late Summer 3-day?

    Looks like I'll be there too, testing out my new PC character. I can see if I have additional space in my car for anyone who will be traveling from Portland or nearby environs.
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    Last Minute Ride to November Game

    Hey, all. I really need a ride to the November game. All of my other transportation options have fallen through, and I don't have a car. I'm able to get to Brattleboro VT (off 91) pretty easily, but past that is impossible. If anyone can pick me up, I shall provide food, gas money, and the...
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    November NPCs and PCs

    I'll be there, as Kurguard. At least, for part of the time. We'll see what happens. Gary, feel free to pull me for NPCing if you need me. Paul