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    Special Donation Needed - Bonus Gobbies

    Very cool! :hahaha: -Sterling
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    Announcement From Ebrindale

    MMM....HaHAHA Fantastic. :funny: :twisted: -Silvara
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    Thank you Byers'

    Thank you guys! :tears: you know how to make a girl cry. I appreciate the notice of what I'm trying to do. I feel like I won an award or something :hahaha: Everyone did a great job, and I hope to see you all again next event! I'm looking forward to it! Can't wait. hopefully it will not be...
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    Here I am wondering around the forests, and I finally find my tree house again and what do I find when I get there???!!!!!! SOMEONE TORCHED IT!!!!! It's nothing but a pile of ash! I WANT TO KNOW WHO DID IT!!!!!!!! :shock: :tears: :whaa: :twisted: Also, now I have nothing left, a little money...
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    A Full Belly from Lady Gwen for Auction

    I bid 5gold 3 silver I want a flower salad!!!! :yummy:
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    Thanks and Gratitude

    Mr. Nightstalker Sir, I would just like to say is that you are one very scary being. Especially at night in a very dark room. That's all! Thank you! -Silvara
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    Dragon's are soooo scary! They make me want to cry :cry: Ever sense meeting Terror face to face on not good terms I now have a healthy fear of them, as in well they make me wanna cry! Isn't that bad enough!!?? I apologize , bad dragon dreams I suppose. Nighty night, -Silvara
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    Northpoint overrun

    Please please tell me if they are trampling flowers, and are they killing the pretty butterflies? No joke I seriously wish to know. Because if they are, oooohhhh boy! They are gonna make an enemy outta me! :twisted: Death to Undead!! Wait...does that actually make sense? ..... I am now...
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    Pre-Reg/NPC List for Oct 8-10 (updated 10/8)

    Re: Pre-Reg/NPC List for Oct 8-10 (updated 9/29) I too shall grace the world with my charming presence.......*crickets* p/c :lol: :oops: :o :roll: :shock: -Sterling A. (that's me if I am correct, but I have been known to be wrong from time to time :o )
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    I apologize!

    It came to my attention not to long ago that I made a mistake....(imagine that :lol: ) It seems I had "cost the Kingdom" enough money or something like that. :oops: I apologize if that is how some people see it as. I was not told or made aware in any way of things that were transpiring around...
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    Merry Holidays....

    I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Holiday and a fantastic New Year!! I hope everyone is doing well and hope to see everyone soon!!! :lol: :D :mrgreen: -sterling
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    Get in ONE MORE GAME

    *SIGH* being poor sucks :lol: :lol: :lol: Hope you guys have an awsome awsome time. i went to k-zoo last year and had a blast, except for one or two things in-game (death rezzing you know what i mean) Have fun!!!
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    Mockery of a Noble?

    I apologize to anyone I may have offended by not showing such displays of respect. In my land we have no Nobles. We have a councle of Elders and they do not require us to bow before them. I will try harder from now on. Again, I do apologize for my seemingly heathen ways. -Silvara Fierfox V.